There hasn’t been a major war in over 70 years.  That’s due to the U.N., NATO, the World Bank, sanctions and détente.  There is a fine balance struck where countries do not see the benefit of fighting outweighing the cost.

Now, Donald Trump comes along wanting to make it a zero sum gain: where one country losses and another gains.  First, he’ll take care of China.  A currency manipulator and dumping government subsidized goods on America.

Sounds good?  Well, there’s the little problem with North Korea; the most dangerous nation on Earth, the greatest existential threat to the world.  China just happens to be the only country that can exert influence on North Korea because North Korea does almost all its trade with China.

So, as North Korea develops smaller and small nuclear weapons, the kind that can be put on intercontinental rockets, the once country that can stop Kim Jung-un will stand down.  After all, North Korea is not going to bomb China.

Oh, one more thing…all those cheap goods dumped on America?  That enables the average citizen to buy things cheaper while middles class wages are lower now after inflation than they were in 1976.

There are no zero sum games in international politics.  Donald Trump is the greatest danger to America, not Russia or China or even North Korea.

You got what you wanted, America.  Now let’s see if you can live with it.

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