One of Trump’s main lines of attack against Joe Biden is that Joe is senile.  But at his commencement speech at West Point last week, Trump could not get a glass of water to his lips with his right hand, having to use his left hand as well to push it to his lips.

Later, Trump walked down a ramp taking steps while the academy superintendent had no trouble at all navigating the same ramp.  Trump afterwards said the ramp was long and steep and very slippery, even though it had not rained and it was a sunny day.

A doctor at Walter Reed Hospital, where Trump visited for an annual checkup said Trump dictated the report to him.  We know less about Trump’s health than any president in our history.

Trump will do anything to stay in office…see hundreds of thousands of Americans die of Covid-19, stop all testing because testing raises the number of positive cases, raise the national debit by 30% in one year, ruining America’s credit rating and becoming a factor in other nations no longer using the dollar as the reserve currency in the world, have the police, the national guard and the military beat, shoot and arrest lawful protestors.

He knows that if he losses, he will be indicted by the U.S. attorney for the southern district of NY on charges of filing false tax returns, laundering money for Russian oligarchs, fraudulently filling out loan applications which wound up costing banks to lose hundreds of millions of dollars, taking money from his charity for personal expenses, and a dozen other charges.  Also, the states of NY, Virginia and Maryland are prepared to indict him.

In this case, I’m rooting for Trump to stay alive so he can face going to courts for the rest of him unnatural life, losing every dollar of his ill-begotten wealth and rotting away in prison with Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein.

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