Donald Trump just signed a bill making it easier for mentally ill people to get guns.  Why?  Because Donald himself is mentally ill and wants to keep open the possibility of buying a gun after he is impeached and his beautiful wife leaves him for a man with a mouth that does not spew hate, that has a cock that works, a man who doesn’t supports wife beaters and  destroys the environment at every opportunity and sells the Presidency to the highest bidder.  Donald knows he is on his way out and is trying to make as many deals (millions of dollars in slush money flowing into front companies and banks with strict account secrecy laws) as he can before being tossed in the gutter, then hopefully in a prison cell.

Senior aide to President Trump, Rob Porter, a man who beat his two ex-wives repeatedly, leaving them black and blue with broken bones in their faces, has been continually praised by the president even though Trump knew of the man’s history.  The FBI had told the Write House that after their investigation, they found the accusations of spousal abuse to be true and that Porter could not get national security clearance.

Trump has defended several powerful men accused of sexual harassment or misconduct, including Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, Bob Weinstein, Roger Ailes and all the other fat, ugly men who can’t even see their penises due to their protruding bellies.

Trump has the highest respect for those men because they are just like him: arrogant, disgusting, misogynistic, brutal, sociopaths.

The president is going to be thrown out of office, but the train will not stop there.  It will take him all the way to hell.

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