The question is, “What roaring economy are we talking about?”

Last year, the economy grew 2.3% (GNP).  That is half of what it was in the 1990s.  Growth for 2020 is projects to be 2.1%, about the same as it has been every year since the 2008 depression, the year Obama took over.

During the last three years of the Obama presidency, the economy added an average of 227,000 jobs per moth, compared to 191,000 in Trump’s first three years.  While Trump proclaimed that he is restoring our nation’s manufacturing might, his trade war has hit blue collar firms hard, leading to layoffs, bankruptcies and billions in bailouts, especially for farmers.

On health care, Trump made the outrageous claim that he would always protect patents with pre-existing conditions, while his administration has repeatedly tried to kill the Affordable Care Act which guarantees that very protection. Now he is pushing through a lawsuit that would declare the affordable care act unconstitutional and leave tens of millions uninsured.

For those who voted for Turnip the first time, having never followed up on what he actually did, rather than what he said, those same people are prepared to vote for him again, based on the same lack of effort.

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