Here are just a few of the planned and actual attacks that have taken place this year.

In February, a White Coast Guard lieutenant stockpiled an arsenal of weapons and researched how to get access to left wing Democratic lawmakers and liberal Supreme Court justices.  He had also searched joining with other white radicals wanting to establish a white homeland.

In April, the 21 year-old son of a deputy sheriff was charged with burning down three Black churches in Louisiana.

In the same month, a white man shot up a synagogue in California after posting a manifesto on line that said, “Jews are planning the genocide of the European race.”

In response to these physical and verbal attacks, Donald Trump has said, “It’s just the work of a few bad apples.”

This, while the FBI said it has 850 on-going investigations in domestic terrorists, both anti-government and White supremacists individuals and groups.

An FBI spokesman said that the number of investigations into white nationalists and supremacists has grown dramatically since Trump’s presidency began, coinciding with the (at least) tacit support Trump had provided those individuals and groups.

The Anti-Defamation league said right-wing extremists were behind at least 50 killings last year.

There is a common thread to White Supremacists and Domestic Terrorists, in that are both being radicalized on line.  But due to the fact the websites they frequent are obscure, their identities and numbers are hard to assess.

But one such site, whose motto is “White race, World wide” has over 300,000 members.

Daily Stormer was thrown off the web after supporting the Charlottesville, Virginia rally.  The ban came after calling Heather Hyer, the woman killed, “a fat, childless, 32 year-old slut.”

In one month in 2018, the “N” word appeared 115,000 times.

And these groups have some support in Congress.  Far-right conservative Rep. Steve King (Rep. Iowa) said, “White supremacists, white nationalists – how did that language become offensive?”

When Facebook purged users calling for an exclusively white state, along with praise and support for white nationalism and white supremacy, Donald Trump tweeted, “This is the United States of America.  We have what’s known as Freedom of Speech.”

The rise of white supremacy groups and individuals is closely correlated to the anonymity the internet provides.  On the websites, these marginalized people can seek attention by spouting extremist language.  Then when they read someone else was more extreme than they were, it leads to a game of one-upmanship.  They become de-sensitized and talk of rape, murder and genocide as if those terms are the norm.

These sites seek out the lonely and the disaffected: gamers, death metal music followers, the socially inept, people without a woman in their life.  They talk about getting even with women who dismissed them.

On Twitter, the hash tag, #white genocide, the theory that Jews are plotting the extinction of American White Christians by replacing them with immigrants and refugees is espoused.

The shooter who killed 11 people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, vented his hate on a far-right social media platform that blames Jews for the immigrants coming into America.

When the shooter spoke of his plans on the website, other like-minded men encouraged him to get a high score – “kill as many as you can.”

Police departments say there are underfunded due to Donald Trump’s cuts of funding for the Federal Office for Community Partnership, which works with local governments and organizations to prevent young people from being radicalized.  Funding went for 20 million to 3 million.  The department of Homeland Security disbanded a group of annalists who focused on domestic terrorism.  ‘Civil rights groups are calling on Congress to pass a domestic terrorist statute so these dangerous people can be charged under terrorism laws.

All these disturbing acts and trends are due directly to the support Donald Trump has given tweeting or in his speeches.  He is a man who loves violence, lives to hate and sees anyone who is not White as fodder for displacement, expatriation, violence.

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