Donald Trump has denigrated, demeaned, dismissed, berated, scorned, cursed and lied about one of the great America heroes of the 20th century, John McCain.

To allow a degenerate, low-life, lying, thieving, piece of scum (who used 6 deferments during the Vietnam War by claiming bone spurs – which later disappeared) do that to a true American Hero is disgusting.

Donald Trump and Rupert Murdock have a relationship that goes back decades and has been a tit for tat affair with Murdock’s newspapers and TV stations praising Trump while Trump brought Murdock and his cronies into real estate deals.

If you are getting the “news” from Fox News you must be aware of the fact that it’s all lies when it come to Trump and his administration.  Trump has brought in 4 Fox News commentators into his administration for the good job they did lying about him and his administration.

The Republican tax program is a complete scam. It lowers the taxes on the rich and poor for five years.  Then after that, the taxes on the middle class and poor go back up while the taxes on the rich stay low.

I am working on a book entitled: “The Republican Party: an on-gong criminal conspiracy.”

Due to fixing five of the past ten presidential elections, stealing ballots boxes, rigging voting machines, illegal gerrymandering, demanding that people with criminal records not be allowed to vote,  Demanding that poor people have two pieces of identification to vote (all found to be illegal by the courts).

Donald Trump will burn in hell for what he has done to America.

Are the corporate and personal tax breaks the Republican Party gives to its supporters  really enough of a reward for them to dismiss every single thing Donald has done to ruin the country?


Everything Trump said is a lie.  That knowledge is readily available on Al Jezzera, Russian Television, China Today, French TV.  Have you ever listened to them?


Trump has given our pristine national parks to oil and gas and pipeline companies to destroy.


Trump has cut funding for education to pay for increase in the military budget.


Trump brought in the same old players from industry and banking.


Treasury – Minuchen – Goldman Sachs – architect of the 2008 banking crisis

Education – Betsy Devose (wife of Vince McMann – owner of the WWW federation.  She managed the worst performing charter schools in America.

HUD –Ben Carson.  Said that Darwin was directed by the Devil when he developed the theory of evolution.  Bought a $35,000 desk while people he’s supposed to look after sleep in the streets.

Commence – Wilbur Ross – made billions breaking up companies, selling off assets and bankrupting them.


There is no border crisis:


  • Mexicans commit crimes at a lesser percentage of the population than white people.
  • Mexican do not bankrupt social services. Most pay taxes but don’t apply for social services because they’re afraid it might lead to deportation.
  • 999% of drugs come through on trucks, not over or through the wall.
  • The entire “border crisis” is contrived by the private prison system, ICE, ATF, and Border Patrol whose jobs and profit depend upon a “crisis”
  • Trump claimed terrorist were coming in through Mexico, a complete fabrication.
  • There are only two ways a country’s GDP grows: through increased productivity or increase population. Since Trump took away funding for job training, the S. must rely on population growth.  The birth rate of the White population is below replacement.  Therefore the U.S. must depend on immigration.  In that regard, we need Mexicans as much as they need us.


Iran was on the verge of democracy and capitalism.  Hassan Rouhani was re-elected for a second term due to gaining the nuclear accord.  The vote was strongly against the old guard, the mullahs.  The deal brought prosperity back to Iran and closer to the international community. This total retard you call a president reneged on the deal.


The Paris Peace accord.  U.S. was the only country in the world not to sign on.  Nine of the ten hottest years in history occurred from 206 to 2016.  $50 billion on floods in Houston.  3,000 dead in Puerto Rico.  (Trump claimed 60 deaths and sent them toilet paper). Ten thousand dead in Indonesia.  Millions died in other countries.  Tornado, Tsunamis, flooding.  Even the largest corporations in America want to join the accord because the uncertainty of climate change makes it impossible for them to invest for the future. That included Exxon Mobil, Bank of America, Chevron.


Donald Trump is a form of scum that oozed out of the blackest swamp.  Fox News is “”Trump’s mouth peace.”  All you have to do was tune in to  Al Jazeera, French TV, China Today or Russian television and  you could have heard the truth.


Trump saved jobs in the coal industry and some manufacturing jobs.  America is no longer a manufacturer but a service oriented economy.  Our wages are ten times China, Vietnam, and Cambodia.  For every job created in conventional energy, 6 jobs could be created in clean energy.


People who work in the coal mines die at the age of 45 or live with black lung disease.  They don’t want to work in the mines and never see their grandchildren.  They want to be retrained for the jobs of the future.  In response, Trump cut the budget for retraining workers by 90%


Trump gutted the budgets for the EPA and FDA.  Legal drugs killed 300,000 people a years.  The clean air act and clean water act were protecting our children.


Scott Pruitt, former head of the EPA sued the EPA seven times as attorney general of Oklahoma.  His first action was to build a $45,000 top secret phone booth in his office.  Then he used his security detail to do his shopping for him.  He fired all scientists who believe global warming is man made and gutted the enforcement division.


Rick Perry, head of Energy department.  Made all his money in the energy sector.  Had to protect his friends and his investments which he did not put into a blind trust as required by law.  Gave industry the go ahead to frack and build pipelines through pristine areas, gutting regulations that protected the environment.


There is no trade deficit with China.  There is a trade surplus of 70 billion after considering value added.  A tariff on Chinese goods is a tax on Americans.


China is now buying produce from South America.  And when the trade deal is reached, China will never return to the American market, bankrupting thousands of American farmers.


Trump breaks deals not because it will benefit America but because he is the master of the deal and needs to show the world what he’s best at.  He hates Obama because Obama is a Black man, smarter than him and more well-liked than him.


Trump hired prostitutes to pee on the bed where Obama slept in Russia.


Trump has raped many women, groped others, fondled even more.  He is the world’s worst misogynist.  He is a disgrace to all Americans.


Trump is breaking down the institutions that have kept the world safe from war for 70 years (NATO, WTO).


Trump has berated Germany, Italy, France and Austria for not contributing 2% of GDP to defense spending.  But he is so stupid, he did not calculate that it is costing those countries billions of dollars by going along with the sanctions placed on Russia, while it costs America pennies.


Every country that Trump put a tariff against or pressures using the SWIFT banking system is now forming alliances outside the U.S. and will soon make the Chinese Yuan the reserve currency in the world which will end all U.S. influence in the world.


Trump put pressure on ZTE and Huawei.  So China invested 6 billion in IT and soon China will produce computer chips cheaper, faster and better than America and take all their business.


Trump moved the US .embassy in Israel to Palestine and said that would lead to a peace deal.  The next day rioting erupted, killing dozens.


Trump threw Skittles at Angela Merkel (one of the most respected leaders in the world) and said, “Don’t say I never gave you anything.”


Trump said to Teresa May, “I think Boris Johnson should be Prime Minister because he says nice things about me.”  Johnson was voted the most dishonest politician in Europe.


Trump boasts about his relationship with Victor Orban who turned a democracy in Hungary into a fascist state.  Said, “We’re like twin brothers.”  Loves Duterte of Philippines who sanctioned 7,000+ extra judicial killings.


Trump is stupid, insane, sadistic, a thief, liar, pig, sexist, white supremacists (his father marched with the KKK, providing a great example of his son).


Hate crimes have gone up 200% under Trump’s watch.


Trump laundered tens of billions of dollars for Russian Oligarchs through Richard Sater (who lives in Trump Tower) – close ties to Russia and Putin.


He stole most of the money donated for the inauguration.


He was paid $100,000,000 by Sheldon Adelson to move the U.S .embassy to Palestine


He has whittled away at the core of democracy.

He has attempted to control the press.

He has disgraced America on the national and intentional stage.


You mentioned Hilary Clinton.  Hilary is a sociopath.  A very sick and dangerous woman.  Are you saying that if Trump is a better person than her, that he is okay?  Is that the standard we should all go by?



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