So, you think you know Donald Trump?  Well, I can assure you, you do not.  Donald Trump lives by lies and slogans that grab the throats of the angry, the disaffected, the dispossessed.  His entire life and business is based on lies and deceit.

Fact check, a nationally known and respected organization checked on every statement of fact Trump offered during the campaign. They determined that 95% of everything he said is a lie or a gross exaggeration.

The early years

Now, let’s start with Donald being taken under the wing of his father Fred.  Fred taught Donald how to cheat contractors, lie to tenants, use inferior materials in construction, use deception to win contracts, force out rent-controlled tenants to bring in full paying tenants.

Donald learned well under his father tutelage, but took that mentality to the next level.

Donald Trump bought the old Bonwit Teller building (the site upon which Trump Tower was built).  Donald hired Polish workers to build the original Trump Towers. They were illegal aliens (and he knew that) but that did not stop him.  Rather than pay him their hard earned wages, at first, he did not pay them at all.  Later he paid them in vodka.  When they finished construction, he refused to pay them. He said, “Sue me. I’ll have you deported. I’ll tie you up in court till your hair turns gray.” He dragged them through the court system for 20 years when they finally gave up.

He built a golf course in Scotland where he promised to maintain the sand dunes and natural landscape that had been there for thousands of years. The residents agreed after protracted negotiations and many promises. The day after they signed away their rights, he had bulldozers take down all the natural habitat.

Donald Trump bought Eastern Airlines shuttle division for $380 million. He believed that by putting gold plating on the chrome arm rests and bathroom door handles he could not only make money where Eastern could not, but then charge more money per seat. The company went bankrupt within a year. The banks that loaned him the money lost $380 million. Donald never lost a dime.

Donald Trump planned to build The Chicago Trump Tower.  He borrowed $500 million from Deutsche Bank. It went bankrupt before it was finished being built.  The bank lost $500 million; Donald never lost a dime. It was said that the reason Deutsche Bank loaned Donald the money was because “They were the only bank in the world that did not know of Donald’s track record.”

Trump University was a complete scam. Thousands of people lost money, some their life savings. They were lured in for a free lecture, then pressured to get one on one training with “experts” who were just boiler room scum bags – with no teaching background, unable to teach anything because there were no real estate secrets to teach – pressuring people for more money. Not one person ever made money using Donald’s tools. His “university” taught nothing because Donald Trump himself knew nothing.

Donald Trump started building a project in Mexican: “Ocean Resort Baja Mexico condos.” People invested $38 million. The project went bust before the first condo was built. Investors sued to get their money back. Donald said, “Fuck you. Didn’t you read the fine print?”

The fine print said, “In the event of the project not going forward, the principal shall keep all monies and do with such funds as he wishes, but is under no obligation to return such investments.” When some people still went ahead with their lawsuits, Donald responded by saying, “Consider your self lucky. If the project had gone ahead, you would have lost even more.”

In his steak, clothes, and wine businesses he bought all the products from foreign countries (while telling American companies to bring manufacturing job back home).  His bankruptcies cost banks and investors billions of dollars, but not one dollar of Donald Trump’s money.

I will not even discuss Donald’s personal, perverted, misogynistic, twisted, sexually deviant life except for one statement he made. “My daughter is one hell of a piece of ass.”

Saving American Jobs
The truth is, America had been transitioning from a manufacturing country to a service oriented country for decades.  Manufacturing jobs have only comprise 8.5 percent of the workforce

Loss of manufacturing jobs since 2000 have been due to robotic and technology more than lost to China. China no longer manufactures much of anything. Their labor costs have quadrupled since 2000. China now exports its manufacture to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, and Indonesia. If it would not have been China, it would have been those other countries ”stealing” manufacturing jobs. The problem is not manufacturing jobs lost to China, the problems is jobs lost to technology and robots, the problem is not retraining workers for jobs in service and technology, where the future jobs are.

If Donald Trump is able to force our companies to bring back manufacturing jobs to America where the wages are 10 to 20 times that of South East Asian workers, then every product we sold will lose money or be unaffordable to Americans.

The trade war helps Donald’s ego  A deal made by someone else broken means Donald can use his amazing negotiating abilities to squeeze other countries (into the arms of our rivals).  Tariffs are taxes.  It is us, the average citizen, who will pay more for banned products from China, Russia.  Our corporations will lose sales to those countries and also to our allies like the EU and South Korea. Just one U.S. corporation, Boeing, stands to lose one trillion dollars in sales to Airbus.

How much harm can one man cause?  His very first promise: to spend trillions on infrastructure was a lie.  He reneged on his promise to build airports, high-speed rail, roads and bridges.

.He has to prove his manhood.  First it was with the women he degraded during his whole life, now it’s the world.  “Look at the size of my hands,” he exclaimed, indicated the correlations between his hand size and his cock.  Just imagine the size of his cock if he presses the button to nuke China or Russia or North Korea!

Donald Trump has opted out of NAFTA, TTP, The Southeast Asia trade pact, the Iranian Nuclear deal, and the Paris Climate accord.  Why?  Because those deals were made by other people, specifically, a Black man, Barak Obama.  (In case you didn’t know it, Trump hates and mistrusts and demeans minorities.  Mexican: rapists, drug dealers.  Jews: money changers.  Arabs: blood thirsty Jihadists.  Blacks: “Stupid, don’t trust them, would never let them count my money.”  The new NAFTA deal is 95% the same as the old deal, only now it’s got Trump’s signature.

Verbatim statements by Donald Trump and my comments

      •  “I went to the Wharton School of Business. I’m like a really smart person.  It’s very possible I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money at it.”  I went to U of P at the same time Trump did.  I was not in the same program, but friends of mine were.  They said he never went to class, that others signed in for him and that he paid others to write papers and take tests for him.

  • On abortion: “I’m very pro-choice.” then, “I’m pro-life.”  Donald is the ultimate flip–flopper.
  • On guns: “Look, there’s nothing I like better than nobody has them.” Then, “I fully support the 2nd
  • On heath care: “I will replace it with something terrific.”
  • In 2000 he sought the presidency on the Reform party. A decade ago he said he was a Democrat.  Now he’s a Republican.
  • Religion: “I am strongly into the Bible. I am strongly into God and Religion.”  When ask to quote any scripture, he could not quote one.
  • On Wealth: “I have net worth of much more than 10 billion.” Forbes Magazine said 1.9 billion.
  • “I am a self-made man.” He inherited 300 million dollars and built it to almost 2 billion by declaring bankruptcy three times.  He would be worth more today if he had invested the 300 million in Treasury bills or a money market account than he has with all his under-handed wheeling and dealing.
  • Immigration: “I will build a wall on the Mexican Border and make them pay for it.” “I will deport all 11 million immigrants,”…which would cost $285 billion – $900 in new taxes for every man and woman in America.  “Mexicans are bringing drugs.  They’re bringing crime.  They’re rapists.”  Not only will I deport them but also their children that were born here.” – Completely illegal since they are S. citizens
  • Foreign Policy: “I will crush ISIS and take the oil.” That was already done by a coalition of EU, American and Afghani forces.
  • “I am a better negotiator than al the dummies who represent our country.” “Geopolitics is no harder than selling property.”
  • “Every country that does business with us is ripping us off.” “The money China took out of the S. is the greatest rip off inn the history of our country.”  China has bought 4 trillion of our treasuries, keeping our country from going bankrupt.  We have a $70 billion dollar trade surplus with China.
  • “I will withdraw all military support for our allies in Asia: South Korea, Japan, The Philippines. They can protect themselves, leaving the door open for China and Russia.
  • “I play to people’s fantasies. I call it truthful hyperbole.”
  • He calls heavy-set people, “Fat Pigs.” (While he, himself, is classified obese).
  • When a woman commentator asked him a hard question, he said, “She has blood coming out of her everywhere.”

Donald Trump is a megalomaniac, sociopathic, mentally deranged individual.

Some of the results of Trump’s policies

Striking deals is essential for diplomacy, especially given Russia, Iran and China.  A foreign policy that jumps from deal to deal without an overall strategy or anchored in a worldly, long term view, poses great risk.  Countries can no longer depend on American leadership or promises or treaties.  Many old allies are making deals with China to become less dependent on American whims and also for protection from America First Policies.

They are turning to China for trade.  And now China is working to become the reserve currency in the world.  When that occurs, America will no longer be able to control or direct the policy of other counties, friend or foe, with threats of shutting them out of the Swift payments system.

As the U.S. debt increases (due to the tax breaks Trump gave to corporations and the rich, the country’s credit rating will go down.  That means America will have to offer higher interest rates to sell its Treasury bills.  When that occurs, Trump, or the next president, will have to either see the debt increase even more or cut social services.  Social Security, subsidized housing, food stamps, Medicare, disability will all be in danger.

America has gone as far as offering China Taiwan in exchange for helping cut America’s trade deficit.

What if a deal leaves one country a loser seeking revenge?  How would Russia act against America?  If Russia walked into the Baltic States because Trump divests itself from NATO, would Trump press the button on the nukes?  If his prior actions and words are any indication, that becomes a real possibility.

The only hope this country has is to impeach Trump before he drags us into a trade war that does the exact some thing as the Smoot-Hawley Act did in 1930: start a trade war that leads to depression and eventually to war.

The WTO (which first began in 1947 as GATT (general agreement on tarrifs and trade).  NATO began in 1949.  Before those two organization were created, there were a dozen major wars in 100 years.  There have been none in the 70 years since.  These are the organizations Trump wants to pull out of.

Consider this scenario…A president uses conspiracy theory to shut down the media, consolidate control of the legislature, cut off funding to opposing groups and voices, shuts down NGOs (non-governmental offices and programs), rules by executive order, claims opposing groups are illegitimate, has people investigated for having an opposing point of view.  Uses the powers of the government to silence the opposition, (IRS for taxes, change the charitable, non-profit organizations exemptions), conspire with past enemies of the country.

Does all this sound familiar?  It could be Recep Erdogan of Turkey, Viktor Orban of Hungry, Emomali Rahmon of Tajikistan, Petro Porochenko of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin in Russia.  Actually. It’s Donald Trump.

  • Place sanctions against Iran. Iran controls Hezbollah, the most violent, dangerous faction of Jihadists in the Middle East. Iran can disrupt any peace plan, escalate violence through their surrogates. With Iran’s help, we could bring stability and peace to the Middle East after decades of violence. But no, Trump has to show is machismo, his power.  He is treating foreign policy like his business deals where he ripped off every one he ever dealt with.  With the election of moderate Hassan Rouhani, and getting nuclear weapons deal, he was able to build a strong, liberal base and were on the verge of taking control of the government away from the Ayatollah al Khamene and the old guard.  At that critical moment, the S. pulled out of the nuclear deal putting the old guard back in charge and stifling a nacient capitalistic, democratic movement.
  • Even after Mohammed bin Salman was accused of ordering the killing of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and was named as the perpetrator of the crime by the CIA and FBI, Trump refused to accept that conclusion and refused to stop dealing with Saudi Arabia. Trump sighted the $110 billion arms deal that he did not want to lose as the reason for continuing to support the Saudi monarch.
  • Force corporations to bring jobs back to America. Foreign wages are 1/10 that of America. Almost any goods produced in America will no longer be affordable for Americans. The middle class will suffer, the corporations will not be able to sell their products here, nor will they sell them abroad where an average of 40% of their sales and profit come from.
  • Push forward with the oil pipelines, creating thousand of new jobs. The truth is that while thousands of workers are needed to complete the lines, there will only be 50 (fifty) permanent jobs related to pipeline maintenance and control.
  • The tars sands oil coming form Alberta, Canada is highly corrosive. The pipes will QUICKLY begin leaking in our pristine environment, forever destroying clean drinking water and land values.
  • Most new jobs in energy are in the alternative energy. For every one job created in conventional energy, six are creative in green energy. Green is the future, conventional is the past. Trump considers only immediate profits rather than planning a future for this country.
  • Challenge China in the South China Sea. Start a shooting war.  Why not, after all, it will not be he or his family members who will die defending his hubris.
  • Trump has continued to support Saudi Arabia in its campaign against the Houthi rebels of Yemen. The S. supplies the planes that refuel the Saudi jets in midair and provides satellite info and other data to maximize the attacks on the rebels, considered war crimes, genocide and mass murder by the U.N. and other organizations. Since 2015, Doctors without Borders has treated 718,000 emergency room patients.  101,500 people have contracted cholera.  Ports and roads have been blockaded restricting food and water.  14 million people are on the verge of starvation.  85,000 children have died already.  56,000 civilian men and women have died in the bombing.  All brought to you by your dear, beloved President Donald Trump
  • Trump placed his son-in-law (Jared Kushner) in charge of
    1. negotiating peace in the Middle East
    2. Solving America’s opioid epidemic
    3. Furthering diplomacy with Mexico
    4. Furthering diplomacy with China
    5. Reforming the VA (veteran’s administration)
    6. Reforming the criminal justice system
    7. Reinventing the entire government, making it run like a business
    8. Bring technological innovation to the government
    9. Liaison to Mexico
    10. Liaison to China


Jared Kushner is a man with no military, security, or management skills.  A man who nearly bankrupted his father’s real estate business by buying 666 5th Avenue for $1.6 billion at the very peak of the housing bubble.  He then went to the Saudis and other Middle East leaders, asking for loans, offering a tit-for-tat: adapting U.S. foreign policy to “accommodate” those leaders for “helping bail him out”  He bought the New York Observer for $10 million then ran it into bankruptcy within a few years, a paper that had been in existence for 100 years. There is some question whether Kushner can even read.  After he bought the New  York Observer, the managing editor said he never saw Kushner read even a single page, rather he simply commented that the articles needed to be shorter and to add more color.

In 2012 he tried to by the Los Angels Dodgers.  This by a man who credentials included his family buying Jared into Harvard and partying with Demi Moore and Justin Timberlake

 The American Visa Program

 The great majority of businesses in America are started by immigrants who take chances that US. citizens do not.  Since they have already lost everything and sacrificed and risked their lives, the fear of starting a business is trivial for them.

Most engineers and scientists come from foreign countries, either as professional or as students. These foreigners are granted student visas, but after they finish their education, rather than offer them fast track to citizenship, Trump has cut off that option.  These PhD candidates then go home with their American education and start companies that compete with American companies, taking away market share from our corporations

While I abhor Donald Trump and 99% of his policies, I agree that more vetting is necessary to keep terrorists from entering the country.  But an outright ban does more harm to American businesses and provides little additional safety in a country where a terrorist attack is an extremely rare event.

Donald Trump’s Ridiculous Policies

You have heard Donald Trump declare many changes in America’s military alliances, trade policies, domestic spending and taxes.  Some of these programs even sound rational and beneficial.  Now here’s the side you haven’t heard.

  • He has lowered taxes on corporation, the rich, and the middle class. After 5 years, the tax plan reverses itself, with lower taxes ending for the poor and middle class and becoming tax increases.  By the end of his first term in office, the national debt will grow from $20 trillion to $24 trillion.
  • A 45% tariff on Chinese goods, as Trump has threatened, would add 10% to the cost of living for poor and middle class households. Further, if we place the onerous burden on China, how are we going to gain their cooperation to subdue North Korea?
  • What happens to all the American companies that derive a large percentage of their profits from the Chinese market?
  1. Apple $48.5 billion / 22%
  2. Intel 13.5 billion / 24%
  3. Oualcomm 13 billion / 53%
  4. Broadcom 7.5 billion / 54%
  5. Boeing 10.5 billion / 11%
  6. Texas Instruments 7 billion / 45%
  7. Nike 5 billion /12%
  8. DuPont 4.5 billion / 9%
  • Reduce emissions standards and place tariffs on foreign coal, making American coal prices more competitive. Coal is not being used nearly as much as in previous times.  Solar power is now as cheap as coal and does not pollute. For every 1 job added in the oil or coal industry, 5 jobs are added in alternative energy (wind, solar, hydroelectric).  Thousands of miners have black lung disease.  A number of mine owners went ot prison for tampering with the equipment used to detect particulates and sulfur and deadly gases.  Hundreds of miners have died young.  Why doesn’t Trump ask them if they rather learn a new skill rather than toil in mines that are unsafe and guarantee an early death.
  • Trump said he will tax Mexican imports 35%. But 30% of the value of all Mexican imports is American parts and American labor.  Parts and technology are sent to Mexico, where the cheaper labor only puts the pieces together.
  • The answer is not to threaten companies with tariffs and taxes, but to invest in the sectors that are growing and the only sector where America has a competitive advantage: the service industry (which now makes up 65% of the economy. And high-tec workers laid off from manufacturing jobs need to be retrained for the jobs of the future, not jobs of the past.

Why hasn’t this happened?  In the EU, .6% of GNP is spent on retraining workers; in the U.S. it is .03 (one-twentieth (5%) as much).  That is the problem, not China or Malaysia or Taiwan or Thailand, nor Mexico or Canada.

Donald Trump is halting the progress of growth in America, not helping.  The future is service, robotic, AI technology not manufacture.  We need a president who looks forward, not backwards.  We need a president who has a brain.

American manufacturing costs may, at some time in the future, be cheaper than even south east Asian countries, however, it will not be because American workers are more productive, but because of robotic and smart algorithms.

Some of the harm Trump has done

1).  The Paris climate accord.  In 2016, 200 countries came together with the goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees.  Every country in the world signed the accord except for a bloated, half-wit, homophobic, low-life: Donald Trump.

2).  Trump signed an executive order rescinding many environmental protection programs.

3)..Trump urged NASA to send a manned mission to Mars at the same time he cut their budget.

4)..Trump ordered the EPA to remove climate change data and slashed their budget.  The president wants to slash the U.S. Environmental Protection Administration’s budget by almost one third, and his EPA chief – who advocated for withdrawal from Paris – is busy dismantling the environmental standards that keep our air and water clean and safe.

5)..Ordered the chairman of the FCC to dismantle internet neutrality.

6).  Slashed the budget of the FDA by 30%.  300,000 people died due to prescription drugs last year alone.  Legislation proposed by Trump would severely limit any claim for damages by people impacted.

7)..French President Manuel Macron offered to receive U.S. climate change scientists and give them 4-year grants of over a million dollars.

8)..Ordered the Dept. of the Interior to end the endangered species program despite declining wild-life populations.

9).  Trump nominated Sam Clovis to be head of the Dept of Agriculture.  A total incompetent with no experience.  Congress rejected him when it was found he was involved in the Russia scandal.

10).  One year into his administration, Donald Trump has not filled 40% of major posts.

11).  Trump removed requirements for federal properties to withstand flooding and other climate change risks.

12).  Donald Trump threw tacit support to White Supremacists.

13).  Donald announced plans to downsize national monuments.  He has taken millions of acres of pristine forest and national treasures and turned them over to oil exploration and pipelines and deforestation.

14).  Trump ordered the FDA to delay revision of nutrition labeling.

15).  Trump announced plans to kill the Clean Power Plan.

16).  Trump ordered the EPA chief to bar any scientist from funding who doesn’t support the administration’s stand on global warming.

The man is lower than a snake with no remorse and no conscience.  I should add he is a degenerate, a rapist, a misogynist, a homophobe an anti-Semite, a segregationist, and a White supremacist.

Chinese president Xi Jinping now offers a credible alternative to the dictatorial policies and demands of Donald Trump.  What was once unthinkable, that other nations would turn away from democracy to communism is taking place in many areas of the world.   The Chinese model offers real appeal to countries in the Middle East and Africa that want tighter controls of civilian populations.  And they want Chinese investment in infrastructure, factories, hospitals, schools, telecommunications, rather than American military intrusion.

The U.S. has not responded to the 2008 banking crisis, which makes some countries afraid to continue to be tied to the American monetary system, lest the US. investment banks double down and take with them a big chunk of the world economy,

Trump has never helped the average citizen, only the richest people and the bankers.

U.S. corporations are not investing for the future, focusing on short term gains to lock in bonuses because of the uncertainty of the future which changes daily due to the whims of Trump.  That is why the stock market is rising while the infrastructure crumbles.

China, Russia, North Korea and Iran have reason to believe they can wait Trump out.    And given that American influence has eroded so deeply so quickly, more and more nations are now slipping out of U.S. control.

The actions of Donald Trump

It is truly amazing how much harm one man has been able to do in just two short years.

  • Trump is gutting the Endangered Species Act which he feels protects too many plants, animals and birds, making way for construction and exploration. Conservation groups have evaluated the cost-benefit value of the act.  The EPA protects not only individual species, but the entire ecosystem that ensure everything from clean drinking water to hospitable climate, not just for the select areas, but for the entire country.  Those protected areas also control flooding.  The value of all those befits has been pegged at $1.6 trillion dollars to the economy each year.
  • Donald Trump refused to sell computer chips to Chinese company ZTE, pushing them to the brink of bankruptcy. Only after paying a 1.2 billion dollar fine and firing their board of directors did he relent.  In response, China has funded a $1.2 billion dollar IT park that will soon produce as good or better chips at a lower price, causing America to lose the majority of its chip sales over seas and giving companies in South East Asia and Europe a distinct advantage over American companies in the IT field.
  • Trump belittled and berated Teresa May in London on his visit, saying Boris Johnson would make a better Prime Minister because he says nice things about me.
  • Donald Trump threw a handful of skittles at Angela Merkel and said, “Don’t tell anyone I never gave you anything.”
  • Donald Trump has threatened to leave the EU, G-7, and European Union, dissolve the Western alliance, destroying the very institutions that have led to continued peace and prosperity for the past 70 years. All over the difference of .078 percent shortfall on military spending.  Disregarding the fact that our European allies have upheld the embargo against Russia which is costing them a great deal and the S. almost nothing.

If Donald Trump is left to his vices, the world would soon be neither peaceful nor prosperous.  The battle to save democracy from authoritarianism is the existential threat of our time, and all Donald Trump does is lob insults and humiliations on our closest allies.  Every policy decision you have seen Donald Trump make has been to benefit his businesses and tax liabilities, and present new opportunities to expand his corporate reach.  In some cases, outright cash exchanged hands, as when Sheldon Abelson “donated” five hundred million dollars to Trump for moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

Whatever limits you place on Donald, whenever you think he can’t possibly sink lower, you would be wrong.  The man has no limits to his depravity, greed and stupidity.

You have heard Donald Trump declare many changes in America’s military alliances, trade policies, domestic spending and taxes.  Some of these programs even sound rational and beneficial.  Now here’s the side you nay not have heard.

Of course the consequences will not fall within his administration, making it the next president’s problem.

Trump just placed a tariff of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum.  The focus of these tariffs was to hurt China’s trade with the U.S.  However, China is only our 6th in size trading partner in steel and aluminum.  Who will be hurt are allies.  Our major steel trading partners are all aligned with U.S. foreign policy


Canada                       58.6%

México                       38.2%

Brazil                           3.5%

India                            1%

Italy                             .7%

China                           .5%

Ninety-five percent of American people buy products that use steel and aluminum.  The price of cars, sodas will all go up greatly.  The cost of building skyscrapers, roads, bridges, washing machines, refrigerators and more will go up.  When companies are faced with higher materials cost, they may lay off workers.  Additional costs will be passed on to consumers.

Trump was warned by all his closest advisors that such action would hurt our corporations far more than help America or Americans

He further said a trade war would be good for America.  When in fact it will be bad for all countries involved.

Donald Trump has given tacit approval to White Supremacists, has endorsed the KKK, under his leadership, we are the only country in the world to pull out of the Paris climate accord.  Donald ended programs and legislation protecting federal lands, opening them up to fracking, oil exploration and pipelines running through some of the only drinkable water sources in the country.  He has promoted coal over solar power, threatened nuclear war with North Korea.  Donald is spending one trillion dialers on modernizing America’s nuclear program.  He has ended programs that protected the country from the big banks and investment houses, thereby leaving open the (strong) possibly of repeating the disaster of 2008.  He has promoted men like Judge Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein, Roger Ailes, Glenn Beck and other degenerate, misogynist trash.  He not only condones men who brutalize women, but supports them, as in White House aide, Rob Porter.

He called Haiti and El Salvador “shit holes.”

Why would he, after the school shooting in Florida, sign a bill making it easier for mentally ill people to get guns?

He likes people to suffer. Money was never enough to satisfy Donald.  He has to make people suffer, making him feel better about himself.

As president, he has been frustrated by Congress, the Senate, judges.  His power has been questioned and over-ruled.  He was rebuked, demeaned, belittled (at least by his reasoning).  He has been made the fool by the media that has uncovered his abuses.  Someone has to pay for disrespecting Donald.

He never wanted to be president; he never expected to be elected.  However, when he was elected, he saw a cash cow ripe for milking.  And milk it he did, for every ounce of profit he could.  From being paid surreptitiously by Russian bankers (to ease the sanctions against Russia), money that went into companies and accounts controlled by Jared Kushner, and advised as to how to hide the money by convicted felon, Charles Kushner, Jared’s father.  This is the ultimate case of keep it in the family.


 There are only two ways the economy grows: higher productivity and more workers.

1)         Higher productivity.  The Untied States spends 1/10th of what other OECD nations spend on retraining workers

2)         More workers.  The U.S. population growth rate is below maintenance, meaning the population decreases each year.  The only way open to the U.S. to grow is to increase immigration and productivity, and when we talk immigration, we are talking Mexicans: people who take the jobs Americans don’t want and who work harder than their counterparts do in the labor force.

Then there is the drug issue.  Keeping drugs out of the country.  First, drugs are rarely brought across the border using holes or tunnels under the fences.  They are brought in by vehicles, which go though the normal checkpoints.

Second, if we legalized all drugs in America and regulate them through facilities staffed with doctors who can decide who to dispense drugs to and how much, then $385 billion will remain in the U.S. economy.  Second, it costs $55,000 a year to house the non-violent offenders.  That will save tens of billions a years.  When some Scandinavian countries legalized drugs, crime went down by 60%.  40% of their prisons closed.

The only people who don’t want to legalize drugs are the ATF, DEA, ICE and Border Control…. because if that occurred, many, the majority, of them would lose their jobs.  In addition, the private prison industry makes billions housing aliens in the process of deportation.  Drugs are big business, not just for the cartels, but also for the government agencies policing drug dealing.

We need the Mexican far more than we need them.

Mexicans working in America do, for the most part, pay taxes.  Yet they are afraid to apply for benefits because they believe it puts them at risk for deportation.  So, there is a net gain between money paid in and benefits taken out.  Secondly immigrants commit less crimes percentage wise than U.S. Citizens.  From 1990 to 2013, the number of undocumented immigrants in the country tripled from 3.5 million to 11.2 million. Yet during that time, violent crime rates dropped 48% nationwide, according to the report. Since undocumented immigrants make up such a small percentage of the population, it’s impossible to draw a straight conclusion from those numbers, so let’s see what else they’ve got.

I also looked at incarceration rates for males between 18 and 39, since most crimes are committed by males in that age range. Using data from the 2010 Census, the report found that 1.6% of foreign-born males are in jail, compared with 3.3% of the native-born population. Researchers have long questioned the accuracy of Census data for prisoners, since the information they get from inmates is often incomplete, and immigrants could lie out of fear of being deported. I found similar trends going back to 1980, so that helps bolster their case.

Finally, I tried to isolate undocumented immigrants through a variety of narrow studies conducted in recent decades.  In each case, they found evidence to show that undocumented immigrants were less likely to commit violent crimes than their native-born neighbors.

The economy of Mexico is growing faster than the US .economy.  There is only one reason why Mexicans are risking their lives to enter America. and it is not to find jobs; there are more available in their own country. It is to escape the violence that is a direct result of America’s unwillingness to legalize drugs.

I suggest making Mexico a visa-free country, legalizing drugs, and welcoming people who will help build our economy.

Pulling out of Trade Deals and World Organizations

Pulling America out of the TTP, demanding to renegotiate NAFTA and the abandoning the TPPA, has relinquished our leadership on the world stage, slowed global growth by almost one percentage point, emboldened China and Russia and even caused ridicule to be heaped upon us after being the protector of World Democracy, promoter of free trade, and negotiator of nation conflicts since the end of WWII.

Instead, Russia and China are now staging military maneuvers together.  Every month, China is launching a world-class ship – aircraft carriers and destroyers of similar size to America.  And with Russian technology and capabilities, China’s military will soon equal that of America, especially if a conflict were to take place within the international boundary of China’s territory.

With Trump all but abandoning NATO, Russia and China both feel emboldened and are eyeing new territories: for Russia, the Balkan’s for China, islands in the South China Sea.

Taiwan is now up for grabs after Trump abandoned the island after proclaiming North Korea the greatest threat and needing China’s intervention and influence.

If the devil, or an idiot or a lunatic had conspired to do all he could to ruin the standing of America in the world and jeopardize a peace that has stood for 70 years, they could not have done a better job than Donald Trump.

 Donald Trump: global warming skeptic

 On Nov. 21st, Donald Trump tweeted, “What happened to Global Warming?”  This after 3,000 deaths due to hurricanes in Puerto Rico, flooding in Houston that cost $50 million, Fires in California that burned 1,300 homes and 308,000 acres and cost close to $5 billion.  The past four years being the hottest on record.  Monsoons in Bangladesh, hurricanes in the Florida Panhandle, Tsunamis in the Philippines.

Two days later, government scientists working with 33 different agencies warned of the eminent dangers to the U.S. and world economies.

Trump may not believe in global warming, or, more likely, does not understand the science behind it, but he cannot deny its political, economic and physical consequences.

Global warming has already caused hundreds of billions of dollars in damage to the country’s infrastructure and ecosystems.  And it is only going to get worse.

Extreme weather events allow for the rapid spread of disease and reduce agricultural output, weakening the economic growth of the country.

Where once, the projection of dire consequence should global warming reach 2% higher than the start of the industrial age, now that figured has been lowered to 1.5% higher when compared to the industrial age.  Even that small increase would result in catastrophic consequences for many parts of the world.

The World meteorological organization has predicted a 75% chance of an “El Niño” event will strike this year.

I believe the only way that Donald Trump will accept global warming as real and an existential threat is if a tsunami takes his Mar-o-Largo estate out to sea…hopefully with him in it.

 Donald Trump and the Paris Peace Accord

 You, along with the entire world may wonder why Trump backed out of the Paris accord.  If you are looking at the science behind global warming, you are looking in the wrong place.  It’s really about Donald and his businesses and net worth after he leaves government.  His goal is not the presidency it never was.  His goal is to be the richest, or one of the richest people in the world.  To do that he needs to make deals with the biggest companies in the world; to have those companies indebted to him.  “I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine” is how the old saying goes.  If the U.S. and the world have to succumb to the consequences of global warming, that is a small price to pay for Donald gaining billions in net worth.

President Trump’s reckless decision to leave the Paris climate agreement will live in infamy.  This is a retreat from America’s role as world leader – one that ignores overwhelming scientific evidence and the advice of more than 1,000 business leaders who urged him stand up for our clean energy economy.

It will hurt the United States far more than it hurts the rest of the world. And that’s saying a lot, because the global damage will indeed be considerable.

The most obvious consequence, for people everywhere, will be a slowdown in the fight to reduce the pollution that causes climate change – at the very moment we need to step up. That will mean more deaths from heat waves, extreme weather and disease; a deepening refugee crisis as populations shift in reaction to weather and agricultural changes, and an increase in the price we must pay to solve this problem.

Such pollution already takes a toll on public health. The president’s retreat in the face of climate change means Americans (and citizens of all countries) must now continue to breathe dirty emissions from power plants and cars.

What will we say to our children and grandchildren when they ask: “Why did you do so little to avert a crisis you could have prevented?”

Dire consequences for U.S. businesses and workers: Trump’s misguided decision will also fuel resentment toward the U.S. and make things more difficult for American business abroad.

Businesses want to locate where their markets are. By pulling out of the Paris climate accord, Trump sent them a clear signal that clean energy companies should look elsewhere.

We’ll be hobbled in the global race for clean energy businesses and jobs, potentially the most important economic prize of the 21st century.  China and Europe are already vying for the leadership role on clean energy that the president just ceded.

That’s why so many investors and CEOs are urging the president to stay in.  Fortunately, the Paris Agreement is strong enough to withstand this blow. Other world leaders have made it clear they will move ahead on their Paris commitments with our without the U.S.

The European Union and China are reportedly preparing to announce new joint climate actions.  By pulling out of the deal, we are isolating ourselves diplomatically and economically while siding with the only two outlier nations – Syria and Nicaragua – that refused to sign the climate pact.

It did not have to be this way.  For decades, the world struggled to come together to face the threat of climate change.

Nations argued over who was responsible and who should contribute to the solution. Developing nations pointed the finger at the advanced economies that had already emitted so much. Those countries, in turn, demanded that the fastest-growing developing countries also do their part.

Finally, in 2015, virtually every country in the world – big and small, rich and poor – came together in an unprecedented show of global unity and made a deal that allowed each country to make its own plan, but also held them accountable for reducing pollution.

This historic breakthrough brought tremendous international credit to the country that helped pull the world together: the United States.

Now that Trump has turned his back on all of that, his decision to shirk U.S. leadership responsibilities will hover over diplomatic discussions, trade negotiations and major business deals. We will be the only major nation dodging our duties, something other countries won’t forget.

This is the latest in a series of administration decisions that move us backward on climate, public health and the environment.

Some might think that big business would celebrate this decision.  The thinking goes that corporations would not have to invest in new equipment to limit carbon monoxide, methane, ozone, sulfur dioxide, ozone, lead and out particulates.  However, the opposite is true.  Hundreds of corporations (such as Citigroup are already saying the private sector should be able to participate in the Paris climate deal. Many of them have emissions reductions targets similar to the Paris commitments made by nations) petitioned Trump to stay with the Paris accord and set even tougher standards for the US.  Why, you may ask.  By being uncertain of the future, corporations see the possibility of spending on development, purchasing of assets or other companies as too risky.  Insurance companies, and other risk takers, would potentially lose billions and may refuse to insure companies and individuals put in danger by global warming. Companies said they were delaying investing in future growth because of this uncertainty, slowing economic growth and allowing foreign competitors to leap ahead.  Even Exxon and other oil companies, some of the biggest polluters sign the petition

But the president’s announcement must not – and will not – be the last word on whether America leads or retreats on climate change.

Businesses, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists – indeed, all of us – must continue to pursue practical solutions to reduce the pollution that is driving climate change at such a dangerous pace.

Trump’s retreat from the Paris climate accord becomes a galvanizing moment for the majority of Americans who support clean energy and climate action.

As these women and men stand up for their children and adopt clean energy in their own lives, they will join the cities, states, companies and nations around the world who are leading the way to a cleaner, healthier future – even as the president tries to go backwards.

The reality of what that action means was succinctly expressed by Emmanuel Macron, the newly elected President of France.  Speaking to the leaders of the G7 nations, he said, “Now China leads.”

Fanning the flames of bigotry and hate

In the later part of the 1800s, a man named Karl Leuger, served as mayor of Vienna and was founder of Austria’s Christian Social party.  He later became a role model for Adolf Hitler.  Lueger was an opportunist who exploited growing resentment against wealthy Jewish capitalists and poorer Jews alike.  He was renowned for working both side of the aisle.  More strident anti-Semites took him to task for having many Jewish friends.  He was said to have responded, “I decide who is a Jew.”

In emulation of Leuger, Donald Trump has sown the seeds of hate against Jews (excluding Netanyahu of Israel and Sheldon Adelson, a casino magnet who donated millions to Trump’s campaign).  Trump has embraced White Separatists, the KKK, groups railing against LGTB, abortion, Mexicans, Muslims.  He has supported the police in the shooting of unarmed Black men.

Under Donald Trump hate crimes have increased by 70% since 2106 when he took office.  It is the people on the fringes of society that feel empowered by him.

The White Separatist movement, which was bubbling under the surface for decades has re-emerged and has been supported by Trump to rear its head in very visible ways.

Donald Trump is a man consumed by hate.  He hates every minority and considers anyone who is poor to be useless and not deserving of public assistance.

Speech that used to be coded due to social mores has now resurfaced.

Donald Trump has exploited hate to expand his base of the disenfranchised.  For him, the country belongs only to the Whites.  And just as he has done away with those social norms, he is throwing away the post WWII Western order (NATO, WTO) that has maintained peace for 70 years and allowed trade to grow and prosperity to expand to even the poorest countries.

Trump has snubbed the post-civil rights consensus with appeals for violence.  He appeals to the dark angles in people’s hearts and minds and exploits cultural insecurities.

His “America first” slogan is the exact words use by the racist Charles Lindbergh who paid homage to Adolf Hitler and was rewarded by being given the “Service Cross of the Order of the German Eagle.”

Donald Trump is a racist a bigot, a homophobe, and misogynist.  He is a thief, a liar, a cheat, a scammer.  His hate starts with himself but instead of destroying him with self-loathing, he turns his hate outward to anyone who is not just like him.

Donald trump has seeded the high ground and moral leadership to extremists and the disenfranchised.  Now it’s up to the people to hold themselves accountable.

Our trade surplus with China

 Most people believe Trump when he says China is the culprit in the vast trade deficit America faces.  With boatloads of Chinese-made goods coming this way, and empty ships going the other way, he has argued, we run a huge trade deficit.  This effectively exported U.S. jobs to China while we are importing goods from there.

That flies in the face of the facts.  If you believe Donald Trump, a man who has lied his way through life, it is because you did not do your due diligence and research the facts yourself.

If you run a small business, if you shop at Target, Wal-Mart, then you are buying predominately Chinese goods.

For many of us, we either could not buy the products we need to run a business or live in our homes.

America has (you’ve been led to believe) been running a trade deficit against China for a long time. It is importing from China lots of Apple iPhones, Dell computers, Gap shirts, Hasbro toys, Mattel dolls and Nike shoes. The list can go very long. Careful eyes may immediately spot that those are all American companies. In fact, a San Francisco Federal Reserve study has found that 55% of the value of American imported goods from China actually goes to American companies and workers. In comparison, American companies and workers only capture 36% of the value added of the import from all countries combined. Buying from China gives America a much better deal than buying from other countries in the world.

Let’s look at Apple’s iPhone as an example. In 2009, iPhones contributed about $2 billion, equivalent to 0.8% of the Sino-U.S. bilateral trade deficit.  These phones were exclusively manufactured by Foxconn, a factory in a Southern Chinese city called Shenzhen. To produce them, Foxconn had to import $10.75 worth of parts from American companies. The rest of its $172.46 components came from Korea, Japan, Germany, and elsewhere. Out of a $600 iPhone, how much does China get? A puny $6.50, or 1% of the value.  Most of that $2 billion is, in fact, value captured by Apple and other American companies. China makes it possible for those companies to reward their shareholders handsomely and to provide thousands of high paying jobs in America.  Yet our politicians, though they likely also use Chinese made Apple iPhones, blame China for stealing American jobs.

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, America imported $375 billion of goods and services from China in 2010 and exported $115 billion to China. The Sino-U.S. bilateral trade deficit would seem to be $260 billion, more than 50% of America’s total of that year. But if we calculate based on value-added contribution by the two countries, using the San Francisco Federal Reserve study, America actually has a trade surplus of $70 billion.

Using trade policies such as the trade bill recently passed in Senate to punish China for alleged currency manipulation actually penalizes companies like Apple, Dell, Gap, Hasbro, Mattel, Nike, and others. It penalizes not only poor American families trying to make ends meet by relying on inexpensive Chinese products, but also thousands of high-paid American workers who work for those companies.

Trump, Congress and right wing think tanks have their own agenda and it certainly does not rely on the facts.

 Donald Trump, a classic sociopath

Donald Trump is a classic sociopath with no concern for others and no remorse for his decisions. While this is bad enough in and of itself, it is only half the story with our new President.  He is an angry, bitter man.  He hates many institutions and many different peoples. He cannot control his rage. This is due directly to what he sees in himself and attempts to mask. His entire life has been one of lies and distortions, scams, rip offs, and cheating.  Almost every deal he ever made benefited only him and hurt those who bargained with him in good faith. When a sociopath hates himself, he lashes out at others as a defense measure.

From The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), released by the American Psychiatric Association in 2013…

Sociopaths and psychopaths share the following behaviors in common:

  • A disregard for laws and social mores
    • A disregard for the rights of others
    • A failure to feel remorse or guilt
    • A tendency to display violent behavior

But true Psychopaths, on the other hand, are unable to form emotional attachments or feel real empathy with others, although they often have disarming or even charming personalities. Psychopaths are very manipulative and can easily gain people’s trust. They learn to mimic emotions, despite their inability to actually feel them, and will appear normal to unsuspecting people. Psychopaths are often well educated and hold steady jobs. Some are so good at manipulation and mimicry that they have families and other long-term relationships without those around them ever suspecting their true nature.
When committing crimes, psychopaths carefully plan out every detail in advance and often have contingency plans in place. Unlike their sociopath counterparts, psychopathic criminals are cool, calm, and meticulous. Their crimes, whether violent or non-violent, will be highly organized and generally offer few clues for authorities to pursue. Intelligent psychopaths make excellent white-collar criminals and “con artists” due to their calm and charismatic natures.

The cause of psychopathy is largely the result of “nature” (genetics) while sociopathy is more likely the result of “nurture” (environment). Sociopathy is the most dangerous of all antisocial personality disorders because of the way sociopaths dissociate emotionally from their actions, regardless of how terrible those actions may be.

When Donald was to inherit his father’s money, he falsified records to avoid inheritance taxes.  He also cheated his siblings out of the majority of their share of their inheritance.

Draining the Swamp

 His entire cabinet is filled with the exact men and women he swore to keep out of government and even threatened to go after their companies for past transgressions.

Here are some of his cabinet picks.  They had nothing to do with experience, competence, but all to do with loyalty and the ability to make Trump money.

  • Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. Completely incompetent. Not only did he never hold elected office, but Exxon Mobil was the only company he ever worked for.  Started right out of college.  Making a mockery of foreign affairs.  Trump is trading foreign policy to benefit transnational corporations, which will repay Trump ad his complex, hidden, sheltered companies by under-the-table “donations” worth millions.  Tillerson was replaced by Mike Pompeo. What had no international experience as a diplomat or ambassador or treaty negotiator or trade representative.  He spent four years in the army assigned to engineering projects.  He was a republican congressman from Kansas from 2011-2017.  He election campaigns were backed by the Koch Brothers.
  • Secretary of the Interior, Bob Pruitt, has rolled back every program meant to protect the environment As Oklahoma attorney general, he sued the dept of the interior `4 times. Every complaint drawn up by the energy companies he supported.  Now, Pruitt is doing the bidding of the oil companies,   He is abandoning the clean air act, which helps the coal industry, which was going to cut the amount of emissions of coal plants by 70%. The Secretary of the Interior has rolled back land preserved for the country so that businesses can commercialize it and oil companies can run pipes through it.
  • Dept of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson. Wants to cut families dependent on HUD grants. His mother taught him to reject government help and feels others should do so as well, regardless of their circumstances.  He rolled back a rule requiring employers to include birth control in health insurance plans. He said that the devil guided Charles Darwin’s work on evolution.   He said that public housing shouldn’t be too comfortable and that poverty was a state of mind.  His goal is not to help those in need but “to limit federal regulations on housing.
  • Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Munchin. He was a former senior executive at Goldman Sachs, one of the firms directly caused and benefited hugely from the financial crash of 2008.  He was also a Hollywood producer of such films as X-men.  As secretary, he is rolling back all the legislation (Dodd Frank) put in place to stop banks from ever destroying the economy once more.  Again, no former government experience.  He made hundreds of millions of dollars in foreclosures and selling of worthless financial instruments, sending many to suicide, tens of thousands into bankruptsy and millions to lose their homes.
  • Attorney General. Jeff Sessions: A racist, bigot, homophobe, misogynist and a liar. Gave a speech praising the KKK while criticizing the NAACP and ACLU.  Adam Serwer of The Atlantic, said “witnesses testified that Sessions referred to a black attorney as ‘boy,’ described the Voting Rights Act as ‘intrusive,’ attacked the NAACP and ACLU as ‘un-American’ for ‘forcing civil rights down the throats of people,’ joked that he thought the Ku Klux Klan was ok until he found out they smoked marijuana, and referred to a white attorney who took on voting-rights cases as a “traitor to his race.’”  Sessions will face scrutiny over how he intends to enforce civil and voting-rights laws as attorney general.
  • Department of Homeland Security. Retired General John Kelly. He believed that terrorists were using known drug smuggling routes to send operatives to the United States through Mexico.  A compete fabrication with zero substantiation and with no facts to back it up.  This was a theme for Trump on the campaign trail.  The usual medication for paranoia is Lithium and Prolixin.
  • Department of Health and Human Services. Representative Tom Price, a leading critic of the Affordable Care Act, and an architect of Republican proposals to replace the healthcare law. Before entering politics in the 1990s, Price was an orthopedist for 20 years in Atlanta. He has had a longstanding desire to convert Medicare into a voucher program.
  • Department of Energy. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry. His experience in energy-rich Texas is antithetical to the country’s desire to extricate itself from fossil fuels and on to clean energy.  His prior contacts in the oil and coal and gas industries made him a rich man.  The continuation of policies beneficial to those industries will continue to build his wealth.
  • Department of Labor. Alexander Acosta caused a scandal over the politicization of the hiring of deportation attorneys. Faulted for inappropriately considering politics and ideology when screening federal prosecutors.
  • Department of Education. Betsy DeVoiss, is a major advocate for education reform centered on expanding charter schools and private-school vouchers. She supported unfettered and unregulated expansion of charter schools and vouchers.  When she ran the school system in Michigan, those schools were rated the worst in the nation.
  • Department of the Interior. Ryan Zinke. Supported mining and drilling on public land.  Environmentalists immediately denounced the Zinke nomination, citing his support for mining and drilling and his skepticism about climate change.  He committed “travel fraud” while serving in the Navy special-forces unit SEAL Team 6.
  • Department of Commerce. Wilbur Ross. Another billionaire, Ross was the chairman of a private equity firm that he founded and later sold.  For 25 years, he led Rothschild Inc., where he made a reputation as a turnaround specialist who bought up and restructured steel, textile, and mining companies, among other industries.  He is an out-of-touch plutocrat who outsourced jobs and slashed benefits at the companies he restructured.  He’ll also face questions over the 2006 explosion at a mine run by one of his companies.
  • Department of Agriculture. Sonny Perdue. He grew up on a farm and earned a doctorate in veterinary medicine.
  • Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency. Scott Pruitt. Former attorney general of Oklahoma, and in that position he has led the conservative legal fight against the Obama administration’s agenda to combat climate change. Along with other Republican attorneys general, he sued to stop the administration’s climate rules 7 times – cases that is still pending in federal court.  Like Trump, he has voiced doubts about the science behind climate change and its connection to man-made activities.
  • Director, Office of Management and Budget. Mick Mulvaney, a hard-line conservative, voted for budget and debt proposals that called for steep spending cuts across discretionary and entitlement spending programs.
  • Director, CIA. Mike Pompeo.   Before running for Congress, he served as an Army captain and then started a company that manufactured parts for commercial and military airplanes.  Making his position totally in conflict with his mandate to resolve conflicts and maintain peace, not start them and benefit the military / industrial complex.

Can you imagine how much money the oil companies, the pipeline companies, the coal industry, the industrial polluters would pay for one year, two years, four years of no restrictions on their businesses?   Hundreds of millions of dollars.   Possibly billions.  And through a convoluted web of cutouts, paper organizations and off-shore accounts, all that money will wind up with Trump, Inc.  If you think this can’t happen, hasn’t happened, Trump has some swampland in Florida to see you.

What the future brings

 In Donald Trump’s world, everyone thinks and acts like him: people lie, cheat, exaggerate, break contracts, take advantage of others.  You say that’s crazy?  Well, it’s always worked for him.  There are no good deals unless they were made by him.  There are no deals that can’t be broken when there is an advantage to do so.  There is no, “Win, Win” in Donald’s world.  There can only be a winner and a loser.  He does not understand global trade or peace negotiations or humanitarian causes, or the future impact on people and the environment of pacts made today.  In fact, he doesn’t care one iota about people and the environment; they are not even part of any equation he uses to determine worth.

Donald has lied and cheated his way through life.  He stands on the bodies of those he has crippled with his business and personal dealings.  Banks he has defrauded, workers he never paid, contractors he defaulted on, projects that went bankrupt before they were even finished being built but kept all the investor money anyway.

Donald is the lowest form of scum that has ever oozed out of the ugliest, deepest sewer in the world.  He is a pox on humanity, a low-life, degenerate, inhuman, evil bastard that will rot in hell…let’s just hope that happens before he forever ruins the reputation and status of our country.  No one should ever have to look into his soul or know is heart.  It is the darkest, ugliest black pit of humanity one could ever imagine.

Donald Trump is a disease, a pestilence, a plague from an alternate reality, set loose on Earth to do as much destruction as possible, similar to the coming of the beast as depicted in the Book of Revelation.

This country will need a miracle to keep this man from destroying the environment (global warming is a lie), wrecking companies’ dependant on foreign resources and foreign sales, ruining the oceans and the air by denying climate change, and decimating the national parks by selling off American heritage to those who supported his election.  The miracle we need is either for Donald Trump to die of a heart attack while having sex with one of his many mistresses, or by him going so far as to force Congress to impeach him..

The answer to these issues and problems: Special Counsel, Robert Muller, must move faster to get this lunatic out of office before he ruins the country beyond redemption.


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