1) Trump is gutting the Endangered Species Act which he feels protects too many plants, animals and birds, thereby making way for construction and exploration. Conservation groups have evaluated the cost-benefit value of the act. The ESA protects not only individual species, but the entire ecosystem that ensure everything from clean drinking water to a hospitable climate, not just for the select areas, but for the entire country. Those protected areas also control flooding. The value of all those befits has been pegged at $1.6 trillion dollars to the economy each year.

2) Donald Trump refused to sell computer chips to Chinese company ZTE, pushing them to the brink of bankruptcy. Only after paying a 1.2 billion dollar fine and firing their board of directors did he relent. In response, China has funded a $1.2 billion dollar IT park that will soon produce as good or better chips at a lower price, causing America to lose the majority of its chip sales over seas and giving companies in south east Asia and Europe a distinct advantage over American companies in the IT field.

3) Trump belittled and berated Teresa May in London on his visit, saying Boris Johnson would make a better Prime Minister because, “He says nice things about me.”

4) Donald Trump threw a handful of skittles at Angela Merkel and said, “Don’t tell anyone I never gave you anything.”

5) Donald Trump has threatened to leave the EU, G-7, and European Union, dissolve the Western alliance, destroying the very institutions that have led to continued peace and prosperity for the past 70 years. All over the difference of .078 percent shortfall on military spending. Disregarding the fact that our European allies have upheld the embargo against Russia which is costing them a great deal and the U.S. almost nothing.

* * *

If Donald Trump is left to his vices, the world will soon be neither peaceful nor prosperous.

The battle to save democracy from authoritarianism is the existential threat of our time, and all Donald Trump does is lob insults and humiliations on our closest allies.

Every policy decision you have seen Donald Trump make has been to benefit his businesses and tax obligations, and present new opportunities to expand his corporate reach. In some cases, outright cash exchanged hands, as when Sheldon Adelson “donated” one hundred million dollars to Trump for moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

Whatever limits you place on Donald, whenever you think he can’t possibly sink lower, you would be wrong. The man has no limits to his depravity, greed and vitriol.

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