Donald Trump has pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal and re-imposed sanctions.  Will he get what he wants?  The better question is, “What does he want?”

Trump instructed his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to demand that Iran halt its nuclear program, stop testing ballistic missiles, withdraw its troops from Syria and abandon its proxy forces in the Palestinian territories, Lebanon and Yemen.  By asking for everything, Trump will get nothing.

Sanctions are hurting Iran, but hurting isn’t stopping them from carry on with their foreign policy.  The European Union has ordered their member nations NOT to comply with American sanctions.  Further, the EU is going forward with creating a clearing house to handle trades with Iran denominated in Euro, thereby by-passing American bans and thus American sanctions.

Iran’s biggest customer for its oil is China, and China will certainly not stop buying Iranian oil.

What will happen is the sanctions will hurt the Iranian people who will then elect a hard liner when President Rouhani’s term in office ends in 2021.  And that will negate any chance of compromise or resolution.

Trump’s lack of understanding, lack of vision, lack of rationality will only isolate America more and enable more countries to develop ways to avoid the U.S. using financial sanctions to control the foreign policy of other nations

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