Part of Trump’s grand plan for boosting economic growth is to make drinking water unpotable.

Motivated by a mistaken belief that pro-environmental policies hurt big business, he has scrapped Obama era rules that prohibit dumping of toxic waste, pesticides and chemical fertilizers into small lakes, streams and wetlands.

Such policies will benefit oil and mining companies and developers who can now pollute wetlands without a federal permit.

The ruling reverts America back to the water pollution standards of 1986.

A New York Times editorial said the new ruling is unnecessary and harms business growth.  In support of this position, several reporters from the Times have volunteered to move to the polluted areas with their families and allow their children to play in the streams and swim in the lakes.  Of course I am being facetious, but i don’t imagine any of those arm-chair quarterback will be taking me up on the offer.

Trump did the same with the standards for air pollution.  He is destroying our environment in order to benefit big business who contributes massively to his campaigns and re-election.

There is no part of America’s legacy he would not give up, or sell, in order to remain in office.

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