As you know, a sitting president cannot be indicted, but once he is out of office he can be.  If Donald Trump losses, he will go to prison.  That is his incentive to do anything and everything to win the election.  There is no action, no crime he would not commit to win.  Whatever you can conjure up in your wildest dreams, Trump has already surpassed that in terms of planned criminal, immoral, unethical behavior.

  • If Donald Trump finds himself so far behind in the polls as the election approaches, he will declare martial law and indefinitely delay the elections.
  • If the polls are very close, he will bring out the police and National Guard and station them at every polling station in neighborhoods heavily populated by Hispanics and Blacks. Thos voters will be intimidated, questioned, forced to wait till polls close, told to go home because voting machines are not working.
  • Voting machines will be compromised: programmed to count 8 Democratic votes for every 10 chosen. All voting machines need to be inspected, calibrated sealed and guarded if possible.  The “Remote Access Controversy.”  New York Times reporter,, Kim Zetter, reported that remote-access software had been found on an election management computer system used in Pennsylvania, and quoted unnamed sources saying “ES&S has in the past sold its election-management system with remote-access software preinstalled,” and that this was used by ES&S technicians to remotely access the systems via modem to troubleshoot and provide maintenance to systems they sold.  By installing remote access software allowing the machines to be accessed via the internet, the machines are vulnerable to being “hacked” remotely, allowing the counting to be altered surreptitiously, or malware to be installed to affect an election result.
  • All poling stations need to be manned by enough people to control the flow of voters; to immediately notify the voting machine company if there is a glitch. Special badges should be made and issued to every Democratic volunteer to establish their legitimacy and give them more authority to speak for the voters and interceded between the police and any dispute with a voter.  The more “official” these badges are, the better the chance they will be honored.
  • If possible, additional, reserve machines should be readily available. Police and republican operatives must not be allowed to ask voters for, or insist on, two pieces of identification in order to vote.
  • Police should not be able to interact with individual voters, just the assigned polling stations volunteers, whose sole purpose is to insure the rights of voters to vote without being subject to threats or intimidation.
  • Parking for voters coming to the polls must be provided by getting permits in advance of Nov. 3rd. In 2000, 2004 and 2008, police, acting as surrogates for the Republican Party blocked off all parking around the polling stations for up to a mile away.  Hispanic and Black women, who tend to be overweight, could not make it to the polls.
  • Any paper ballots must never leave Democratic “eyes.”
  • Voting machines should be tested two or three days before the elections to confirm they are working, free of glitches and counting votes correctly. Be aware that at the last “Comdex” show in Las Vegas, computer whizz were given voting machines to “crack.”  Within 5 minutes, they got into the program and changed it.  For every “yes” vote, 2,3,4 “no” votes were registered.  Those whizz kids said cracking a voting machine was one of the easiest tasks they had even been given.
  • Democrats should caucus with all Republicans willing to cross the aisle to prepare to stop any attempt by Trump to interfere, delay or call off the election.
  • Any speeches by Donald Trump threatening to call off or delay the elections should be refuted by Democratic leadership immediately.
  • Have Congressional hearings with the heads of the four branches of the military and also the National Guard. Have them state unequivocally that their allegiance is to the constitution and not to Donald Trump.
  • Reinstate Posse Comitias, not allowing the military to conduct any exercises on US
  • Be prepared to begin impeachment hearings which could act at least as a distraction.

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