By now, you’ve all heard of the sexual misconduct allegations against this monster.  That is only in his personal life.  As Chief Judge of the Alabama Supreme court, he was twice removed from office for not obeying Federal laws.  He has said homosexuals are perverted, animals, less than human.  He stopped funding for abortions and Planned Parenthood and sexual contraceptives.  He refused a federal order to marry same sex couples.  He is a racist, bigot, misogynist of the highest order.

However, here is what I found in my own research. Roy Moore wears women’s clothes under his outerwear.  He has a rubber vibrating dildo stuck up his ass set on the highest speed.  He wears nipple rings and a Nebari collar around his neck that has small nails in it to inflict punishment in religious zealots.  His hero was J. Edgar Hoover, a flaming queen.

Judge Moore can only have sex with very young girls because his penis is so small, a full-grown woman would never be satisfied by him.  In fact, they would never even know he was inside them.

Judge Moore should be shot up with Thorazine, fitted for a straight jacket and kept in a windowless cell with no human contact for the rest of his miserable, perverted, obscene life

And he didn’t just try to date young girls. That’s like saying that a priest touched an alter boy when he molested an entire parish.  Judge Moore threatened little girls with prison, threatened to arrest their parents and throw them in jail as well.  He was banned by the local mall for trolling for girls and using obscene language.  And he still almost won the govern ship.  And here’s why.  Alabama has a very big evangelical community.  Evangelicals do not believe it is a sin for an adult to have sex with an underage girl.  It’s very dad that in our great country in the 21st century, people still think like this.

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