The market has been on a bull run since 2008.  Unemployment is down.  Wages are up…slightly.  The economic forecast for the year ahead looks rosy.  So, what’s not to like?

The real question is, who is benefiting from the bull run?  80% of all stocks are owned by the richest 1%.  Wages for the middle class have been stagnant since the 1980s.  The trade wars are hurting farmers.  Prices for products using steel and aluminum are up, hurting the average wage earner.  Teachers have been out on strike.  Housing prices are up as urban building restrictions limit the building of low cost housing.  City workers are having to drive longer than ever to get to their jobs.  Two and three hour commutes are becoming the norm, not the exception.  Prescription drug prices, health care costs, gas prices, and student debt are soaring.  There is a bubble in housing, car loans and student loans.  When, not if, those bubbles burst, the results will fall mainly in the middle class and poor.  Some economist predict the crash will be worse than 2008.

People like Trump point to the indicators that are of most benefit to the rich, not to the average American.

There is little the average American can do to affect these trends, except…vote the orange face, McDonald-eating, Fox news watching, arrogant, ignorant, thief, liar, homophobe, White Supremacist out of office.

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