Following is an example of how an enlightened Congress can increase revenues, bridge the gap between rich and poor and perpetuate the ideals of our constitution.  These goals can be synergistic, not necessarily mutually exclusive.


A uniform automobile gas tax, as suggested by some, is patently unfair and impacts the segment of society least able to afford and sustain such expense.  A redistribution of gas costs is a realistic and wholly supportable alternative. Fuel charges would vary from $.50 to $5.00 per gallon.  An elementary, economical module can be adapted to all petroleum pumps.  Each person and/or business would be issued a gas card along with their vehicle registration.  By inserting the card into the pump module, the price one pays would be automatically calibrated.  Costs would be apportioned based on the only true criteria – balancing capability with desirability.

Vehicle Worth – The lowest classification would be assigned to vehicles valued at $5,000.  Such vehicles would pay the lowest gas price, $.50 per gallon.  The highest classification would be reserved for vehicles worth $50,000 or greater.  These autos would pay the maximum price of $5.00 per gallon.

Gas Mileage – Vehicles averaging 40 m.p.g. or more would be accorded the lowest gas price of $.50 per gallon.  Vehicles averaging 15 m.p.g. or less would pay the maximum price of $5.00 per gallon.

These two factors would then be merged, so that a $50,000 vehicle that gets 40 mpg would pay $2.50 per gallon while a $5000 vehicle that gets 12 mpg would pay $2.50 per gallon.

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