One more idiot enters the race for the White House.  The man has never held elective office, never worked in government, yet he believes he is qualified to govern the country.  Of course, I should have realized it before!  Obviously if you’ve run a big company that qualifies you to run the country.  How stupid of me not to have seen that!

Not only is he arrogant, ignorant and egotistical for believing knowledge and success are transferable, but his business practice and professed policies are pro-big business and anti-labor.

He is not for the little guy.  He is a plutocrat.  He is against higher taxes on the wealthy, ensuring that America remains the most unequal country on Earth.  He is against Medicare for all, against tuition-free higher education, anti-government employer of last resort, anti Social Security.  He has said these measures are unaffordable and “Not American.”

He worries about growing federal deficits without bringing up the fact that many of his employees make so little they must rely n food stamps, subsidized housing and other government programs.

The only thing Schultz will ensure is a Republican victory in Nov., 2020.  He will siphon off votes from the democrats, just as Ralph Nader did in 2000 to give George Bush the victory.

He is a spoiler, but a spoiler on the wrong side.

Let’s hope that Schultz opts to run as a Republican, seeing as how he supports all their major programs, and siphon votes from Trump or whoever wins the republican primaries.

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