Got some idea in mind?  Forget that.  It’s a trick question.  There is not limit to what he would do.  He’s already said he will not accept a defeat in the general election. That he will fight the results through the court system, tying up the ultimate decision for years.  He’ll claim duplicate voting, miscounts, flaws in the mail-in voting process, etc.

So, you already knew that?  And you’re stratified that’s as far as he could take it?  Well, read on, my naive friend…..

Remember the movie, “Seven Days in May”?  A 1964 American political thriller film about a military / political cabal’s planned takeover of the United States government

Burt Lancaster as US Air Force General James Mattoon Scott, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Kirk Douglas as USMC Colonel “Jiggs” Casey

Fredric March as US President Jordan Lyman

General Scott (think Donald Trump here) plans a coup d’état with the heads of the four branches of the military: Air Force, Navy, Marines and Army.  Recall if you will, Trump increased their budgets by 30% since he’s been in office.

In the movie, General Scott, using the military, will take control of the telecommunication centers of the country while cutting off Congress from any response.

They will do this by pre-stationing troops at strategic locations throughout the country.  All this takes place while the country is watching the Kentucky Derby.

Pretty interesting plot?  But surely fantasy?  How about this….

In case you weren’t paying attention, Trump is doing this right now.  Trump has already sent federal troops in Portland and is threatening more such moves.

While you were sitting back in your comfortable chair, Trump is planning a coup d’etat.

President Trump will use civil unrest to send in the military to Los Angels, Portland, Chicago, Philadelphia and other cites if the states cannot quell the riots.  (All, by the way, bastions of Democratic support).

This would be done just before the election and, due to the unrest, the elections would be called off.  Trump would then take over the media and control the country by misinformation.

Surely, people will not accept what Trump says is the truth?  How about the 80% of Republicans, who still believe Covid-19 is a Democratic fabrication, or those who inject bleach, or those who think masks are a waste of time, or the people who threaten the lives of Dr. Fauci and his family for his efforts to try to save the lives of millions of people?

You can laugh it off if you like and call this the rambling s of a delusional conspiracy nut.

However, I have 4 college degrees, written position papers for 3 presidents, written over 300 articles on military, political and social injustice, and 33 political novels: fiction based on fact.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to spoil your evening plans of watching “Dancing with the Stars” or “The Voice.”




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