If you think there is a limit to his lies and actions, then you do not know who Donald Trump really is. For those of you are still debating, or if you are a kind person, who does not want to believe he could be as bad as people say, please allow me to clarify.  Donald Trump is first and foremost a sociopathic, psychopathic, vindictive, thief, liar, rapist, homophobe, anti-Semite, racist, white supremacist, and conspirator to mass murderer.

He is a piece of slim that crawled out of a sewer, grew hair, a big mouth, and enormous stomach and claimed he was a human being.

He is broke.  He has no money.  He hasn’t had money ever since he lost it all in the Atlantic City Casinos.  Any money he makes is by laundering money for the Russian Oligarchs through Flex Slater, a Russian émigré who lives in Trump tower.

So, pick a number….100,000 thousand?  A million?  Five million?  Ten million.  Do you think Trump would never allow (pick your number here) in order to win reelection.  There is no number.  Trump hates to lose and he would sacrifice millions on the alter of his ego to win, whether a business deal or an election.

As for the virus….Trump was warned repeatedly in classified intelligence briefings in January and February about the growing Coronovirus threat that was on its way to America.  More than one dozen times, the President’s daily briefing included reports of the virus spreading and China’s efforts to suppress information about the danger.  Trump refused to mobilize his administration during that time and played down the threat of the virus publicly, saying on Feb. 27th, “It’s like a miracle, it will disappear.”

The intelligence briefing classified the threat as the same level devoted to threats of terrorism.

What Trump was doing was evaluating how any action or inaction regarding the virus would affect his chances of reelection.

All the while, the internal reports called the virus an eminent threat.  At the same time many federal agencies also warned of the danger.

Finally, on March 18th, Trump said “the virus snuck up on up.” And, “It was a very unforeseen thing.”

In 2017 and 2018, Trump de-funded or shut down several agencies whose mission was to plan for health emergencies, gather necessary equipment and resources, and coordinate their efforts wit the CDC, WHO, and other intentional agencies.  But Trump will tell you that Obama did it.  Or the Chinese released it on purpose.  Or the Russians weaponized the virus and unleashed it.  He will say anything, lie in the face of proof of what he previously said.  He is not human.  He is not even an animal.  He himself is a virus, spreading his lies and threats, and accusations and fear-mongering through the country and the world.

He is now sending warships into Chinese waters after blaming them for unleashing the virus.  He will go to war, risk the lives of our young soldiers, all in the cause of his reelection.

He had withheld medical assistance from Iran which has caused tens of thousands to die from the virus.

I suggest you reevaluate your definition of whom and what is a human being.

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