A few days before September 15th, 2008, with the banking crisis looming, several brokers with Goldman Sacs saw the end coming.  There were no more people seeking mortgages.

Their boss declared, “If there aren’t any people buying mortgages, then sell them to dogs, to aliens.”

Well, as much as one might laugh at such a suggestion, apparently the sales agents took him up on that, though in a slightly more creative way.  One sales agent pretended to be a customer, the other sales agent was the Goldman Sachs representative.  They basically sold mortgages to each other, with the commission check spilt by the sales agents.  They did this right until the very end, when the building was burning and millions of people were losing their homes.

Their logic?…”Well, even if the company burns to the ground and we get fired, we’ll have so much money we can live on a deserted island where there aren’t even newspapers to remind us how sinister, depraved, greedy and obnoxious our acts were.”

Now take that to the present…

Congressmen and senators who were privy to the information that indicated a major medical and economic crisis was about to occur, used their position of trust to sell their vulnerable stocks and thereby save millions of dollars.

With the $3 trillion dollar bailout, where the White House promised full transparency, it then proceeded to sabotage every effort of accountability, firing a number of inspectors general to hide where they money was really going.  And where was that you may ask?  Well, at least 4 members of Congress received PPP loans fir businesses they own while eligible businesses have been turned away.

The, of course, there is Donald Trump who when asked if his hotels received funds, said, “Hey, everyone knew I owned hotels when I got elected.

Then there is Mitch McConnell who, a year ago, made a deal with the devil, taking a Russian Oligarch, who had stolen billions from the Russian people, off the sanctions list in exchange for the Oligarch building a $300 million dollar Aluminum plant in America.  Can you guess where that plant was built?  In Kentucky of course…Mitch’s home state.

Our government is printing money at an unsustainable rate.  Some think there will be no price to pay for such action.  But there will be a price to pay now and in the future.  Loaded with so much debt, the credit rating if the U.S. is going down, making it necessary for the country to offer a higher interest rate to sell it Treasury Bonds.

One of the world’s leading credit rating agencies, Standard & Poor’s, has downgraded the United States’ top-notch AAA rating for the first time ever.  S&P cut the long-term US rating by one notch to AA+ with a negative outlook, citing concerns about budget deficits.

That will necessitate siphoning off money from social services or declaring bankruptcy.

China is now leading the way, becoming the country instituting green policies to a greater degree than any other nation, building more electric cars than all other nations combined, building more miles of high speed rail than all other countries combined, building more international airports at a faster rate than all other countries combined..  China is now supporting the WHO, not America.  China is using its soft power to bring third-world nations out of poverty and into the modern world: building roads, schools, hospitals, telecommunications, while America…..overthrows duly elected governments, helps friendly dictators establish death squads to keep their chosen man in power, allows America’s transnational companies to rape the land, pollute rivers and streams, loot the treasury, drain the natural resources, enslave the indigenous population and provide loans that can never be repaid, thus holding the countries in its grasp forever.

Very soon, the dollar will no longer be the reserve currency of the world.  America will no longer be able to control foreign nations.  America will not be able to place sanctions on other countries.  American will not be able to sell its Treasury Bills without offering sky-high interest rates.  America will just be another country that is buried in debt, and depends on the IMF and World Bank for help.

Most of this caused by the greed of companies and individuals and our elected representatives who place their personal agendas over those of U.S. citizens who work hard, pay taxes as opposed to giant corporations that pay no tax and keep their monies off shore. And at the bottom of the barrel and top of the trash heap is Donald Trump who set the bar so low a snake couldn’t crawl under it.

Welcome to new reality.

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