Republican senators try to halt all democratic bills to that seek to modernize the country and incentive people and industries even China takes over the world.  Biden threatened action against china not realizing china is already the bigger and stronger nation.  His threats run like water off a duck’s back.  Our corporations use cheap loans to buy back stock rather than invest in R&D (research and development) while china files more patents and American companies run two and three generations behind in technology and innovation.

America’s immigration policies force Chinese and Indian students, who gain most of the PhDs in engineering, physics and biology, back to their home countries when their desire is to start companies here: cutting edge technology.  Foreigners, who comprise 11% of the population, make up 40% of new businesses.

Everyone is fighting and concerned about immediate gratifications and this quarter’s profits while Japan, china and South Korea gather academia, corporate and state entities to create fifty year plans.

American foreign policy is two generations old, still using hard power while China has been implementing soft power for twenty years and has won the hearts and minds of fifty or sixty emerging nations.

Soon, but too late, America will find itself a pariah nation with nothing to offer but military intervention and selling BBB (lower grade bonds, forced to offer higher interest rates, making paying off the national debt impossible), in order to keep afloat a ship sinking in debt.


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