Ron DeSantis has mandated that no masks be worn under any circumstances in his state.  Those state workers who don’t comply could be fired or not paid.

While this may seem crazy to most Americans, for DeSantis, it’s a very smart move.  ‘

You see, the governor doesn’t care how many people die because of his mandate.  He only cares about getting reelected.  And he believes he cannot do so without the backing of Trump’s base.

Of course now, it has gone beyond insuring himself the Governor’s mansion in Tallahassee.  He is the front runner for the republican standard bearer for president in 2024.

He is catering to the conspiracy theorists, the election deniers, the rabid Qanon followers, those who fear the vaccine is a program to inject a chip inn their body so they can be controlled.

DeSantis is a sadist.  A Sadist is a person who enjoys watching others suffer.  A true sadist enjoys it even more when he is the cause of that suffering.

DeSantis is not a stupid man.  He knows that tens of thousand of people will die due to his no-mask mandate and that hospitals will be overwhelmed, and patients needing other surgery will be turned away.

But his re-election trumps that.  Besides, plagues and viruses, and flooding and tornados toughen people up.  They just get rid of the wimps.

Fox News Has Found Their New Trump: DeSantis Conspired With the Network to Inflate His Image.

When thousands of Florida seniors were waiting in long lines for a Covid-19 vaccine this past January, Fox News and Gov. Ron DeSantis were plotting to broadcast a public vaccination event exclusively on the network in order to boost the governor’s image.  And according to an exposé by the Tampa Bay Times, which obtained emails between the network and governor’s office, that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the cozy relationship between DeSantis and Fox News.

The Tampa Bay Times examined 1,250 pages of email correspondence between Fox and DeSantis’s office that show the close relationship the governor has with the network. During the broadcast of the vaccination event, DeSantis made comments and jokes as a 100-year-old veteran of World War II got his first dose.

DeSantis is the Governor of State Leading Nation in Kids Hospitalized with Covid.

When the event concluded, a Fox producer wrote to a DeSantis staff member, “I honestly think he could host the show with the chops we saw from him at the vaccine site.” In other emails, producers lavished praise on the governor, with one gushing that DeSantis “spoke wonderfully at CPAC.”  Another producer called him “the future of the party.”

The network’s love for the governor was so strong, Fox shows asked DeSantis to appear on the network 113 times, almost once a day, between the 2020 election and the end of February 2021.

According to the records the paper obtained, DeSantis most frequently appears on morning and primetime Fox News shows — eight times with Sean Hannity, six with Tucker Carlson, and seven with Laura Ingraham within the first six months of this year —  and has avoided requests to appear with hosts like Bret Baier and Chris Wallace, who might ask him tougher questions.

DeSantis’s office has even supplied the network with graphics to use during the governor’s interviews on air. In one instance, when DeSantis appeared on a show guest hosted by Maria Bartiromo, the network displayed a graphic adapted from the governor’s office without disclosing its origins.

And, of course, there was DeSantis’s infamous signing of a voter suppression bill this past May where the governor’s office only invited Fox & Friends to carry the event, blocking all other media from entering. At the time, the network denied coordinating with the governor’s office for the exclusive, but emails from earlier in the year show producers were eager to get “exclusives” with DeSantis. It’s a bill perfectly tailored for Fox News’s conservative audience, which is likely why he signed it in front of Fox’s cameras only. After the event, he said he was “happy to give [Fox News] the exclusive on that.”

But Republican media strategist, Adam Goodman, told the paper that the network is essentially auditioning DeSantis for a presidential run.  And that gives him a leg up against potential competitors, as data from recent polls reveal that without Trump in the race, DeSantis has a huge advantage — likely because he’s replaced Trump as the network’s new darling.

“He’s been given the first Fox audition for 2024, which also means he gets to set the bar,” Goodman said. “That means all the other competitors, when they have their chance to have their day on Fox, there’s a measuring stick that they’re going to be up against, and that’s the governor of Florida.”

Ron DeSantis should be put down like a rabid dog.  He has no compassion, no heart, no conscience.  And if he’s not stopped, he will be our next president.

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