So, you get your news from Tucker Carlson on the Fox News Channel.  Really?  Are you sure you’re not hearing the ravings of a man desperate to raise his rating at the cost of the truth, rationality and reason.

Over the past few weeks, audio clips have surfaced with Tucker Carlson saying reprehensible things.  Between 2006 and 2011, Carson called women extremely primitive, Iraqis semiliterate monkeys, joked about having sex with underage girls, and used the “C” word at every opportunity.  He also said White Men should be given credit of creating civilization.  When, in fact, from the time man separated from the apes 6 million years ago, until 200,000 years ago, only Black men existed on Earth.

After a wave of calls for his firing, Carlson portrayed himself a victim of a liberal mob and refused to admit he had said those things.

Just as guilty as Carlson are the advertisers who keep buying ads, supporting Carlson, Murdoch and Fox.  Those companies should be boycotted, as should any company that supports a show that insults women and anyone not White.

The price Fox News is paying in promoting and supporting Donald Trump is increasing every day.  At some point, when the loss of advertisers and viewers gets too high, old, dedicated, senile, Murdoch is going to drop Trump like a the dead weight that he is.

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