Fox News has long been Donald Trump’s propaganda machine.  The network has abandoned any journalistic pretense in order to pollute the world with his sordid agenda.

The late Roger Ailes tipped Trump off to Meghan Kelley’s questions before the 2015 GOP primary debate.  The network shelved a story during the campaign about hush money paid to Trump’s mistress, porn star Stormy Daniels.

When a Fox news reporter asked for an explanation as to why the station shelved the story, the station owner, Rupert Murdoch said, “We need Donald to win, so just drop it.”

Trump returned the favor after his election, pressing the justice dept. to block a merger between AT&T and Time Warner, which owned Fox competitor, CNN.

It has been said that Trump’s relationship with Fox News is “unprecedented.”

Fox news has become state news where the line between honestly informing the public and promoting the agenda of the president has been blurred, even crossed.

Trumps lies about immigrates being drug mules and rapists, about terrorists entering the country along with Mexicans and Central Americans has taken away the hopes and dreams of millions of people willing to take jobs Americans don’t want but need.

America doesn’t need a wall on the border, but Trump does, for it fulfills a promise he made to his base.

Trump even grades Fox journalists for their loyalty, giving Sean Hannity a 10 and Steve Doocy a 12.

Fox cable news is the most watched news network and is “enormously influential” because people do not realize Rupert Murdoch benefits from Donald’s policies and tit for tat favors.   The station blatantly and unabashedly repeats Trump’s lies, exaggerations and personal agenda.

Trump is said to watch Fox News day and night and hires staff directly form the network including his new communication director, Bill Shine.  Trump talks strategy, and sensitive, top secret information with Murdoch and Hannity.

It has been estimated, that without Fox News, George Bush would not have been elected in 2004, nor Donald in 2016.

Trump understands “Propaganda TV” better than any previous president and milks it like a dairy cow.

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