Trump said the man was planning attacks…imminent attacks…attacks on American interests.  Of couse there were such attacks planned.

Our president would never take military action, putting our young soldiers and civilian contractors at risk.   just because it raises his approval ratings and makes it more likely he will be elected to a second term.

Soleimani saved the Syrian government when the war was going badly for Assad.  It was another chance for America to back regime change.  By propping up the Syrian Regime, he saved the world from being inundated by millions of refugees.  Just because regime change had gone horribly wrong in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, and Libya didn’t mean it would go wrong in Syria.  Really?  That is the definition of insanity: doing the same thing, expecting a different result.  Imagine 14 million more ref

Regarding Soleimani’s support for Hamas and Hezbollah in fighting Israel, Israel is an apartheid state according to United Nations investigators and human rights groups.  It has been condemned by the world for occupying lands it does not own, but stole during the 1967 war and never retuned as per the UN charter.  Israel suppresses millions of Palestinians, forcing them to live like animals with little water, electricity or health care.  Israel limits all materials for rebuilding their cities bombed into dust by Israel.  Israel does not allow many types of humanitarian aide to flow into Gaza and the West Bank.

Soleimani commanded the combined Iraqi government and Shia militia forces that fought ISIS in Iraq before America got involved.  And would have continued to do so if Iran had not been called the axis of evil and been his with sanctions. ISIS could have been defeated before they became entrenched.

We once sent State Department officials to Geneva to meet with Iranian diplomats who were under the direction of Suleiman with the purpose of collaborating to destroy the Taliban.  That collaboration was instrumental in defining the targets of bombing operations in Afghanistan and in capturing key Al Qaeda operatives, but ended in January 2002, when George W. Bush named Iran as part of the ‘Axis of evil’ in his State of the Union address.”

Soleimani was working on a peace agreement between the Iraq government and Al Qaeda before America decided t unilaterally break the nuclear agreement and place more sanctions on Iran.

Soleimani was an advocate for peace and fairness in the Middle East.

It is Trump who is the danger.  Every action he takes is based solely on improving his chances to win the election.  He is a piece of trash who takes the shape of a human being.  He is a creature who slithered out of the sewer and crawled onto land.

You need to understand why Trump opts out of every deal previously made: NAFTA, Paris Climate Accord, Iran Nuclear Deal, Asia trade deal.  He did so not because they were bad deals, but because they did3n’t have his name on them. He is the “Master of the Deal” (if you ask him), therefore, any prior deal can be squeezed to make it even better for America and always worse for other nations.  But trade and tariffs are a win/win proposition, not a win/lose proposition as advocated by Trump.  He has no understanding of free trade or tariffs.  Everything he says in a self-serving lie.

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