The people who are helping to carry out Donald Trump’s agenda are just as guilty as he is.  He selected these men because of their extreme right wing views and turned them loose on the public.

They think they are exempt from blame because of their position.  Yes, they are exempt from criminal statutes, but not civil statutes for violating the constitution and previously past laws.  But ultimately, they will have to answer to God for taking it on themselves to violate the letter of the law.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions for saying he wants to increase indictments for drugs by 400% (while every state in the nations is either legalizing marijuana or considering doing so.  In addition, many OECD (rich) nations are decriminalizing harder drugs like Heroin and Cocaine so users can get clean needles and get help with their addiction.

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo is a one term Congressman with no foreign policy experience, no negotiation experience, no military experience.  He is a man who took a position he is totally unqualified for and has said that he does not believe in negotiations and wants to bomb Iran, North Korea and then maybe Russia,

Environmental Protections Agency, Scott Pruitt.  As governor, he sued the EPA 7 times to fight regulations set by the EPA and allow industry to continue to pollute  Now he is gutting the staff and cutting the budget of the enforcement section of the agency

UN Ambassador Nici Haley supports Trump in pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal.  This at a time when North Korea is seeking assurances from American that it will no invade their country.  She also defended Trumop in pulling out of the Paris Climate acccord, NAFTA and the TTP trade agreement.

HUD (Housing and Urban Development.  Ben Carson, brain surgeon bought a $33,000 desk while the people who depend on HUD benefits go homeless.  He said, “The Devil was guiding Charles Darwin when he devolved the Theory of Evolution.

Steve Bannon violated the Smith Act by calling for the overthrow of the government and replacing it with institutions he would build.

SBA (small Business Administration), Linda McMahon.  Her qualifications were being the wife of Vince McMahon who owns the Wresting federation and was a big donor to Trump’s campaign.

Jared Kushner, Senor Advisor.  This idiot bought a newspaper at the very time others were folding due to reliance by the majority of the public on the Internet for news.  He also paid $1.6 billion dollars for 666 5th avenue at the height of the housing bubble.  There were two of the dumbest moves in history and are both attributable to the same moron.  His uncle paid for his seat at Harvard.  Some have said he doesn’t read.  I would question whether he can read at all.

John Kelly, Chief of Staff, said, “I don’t know why they hate us, and I don’t care. Our enemy is savage, offers absolutely no quarter, and has a single focus, and that is either to kill every one of us here at home or enslave us with a sick form of extremism that serves no god or purpose that decent men and women could ever grasp.”

Dept. of Education, Betsy Devos.  Ran all the charter schools in Michigan, which were the worst performing charter schools in the country.

Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, a banker with Goldman Sachs for 17 years who was a major contributor to the banking failure in 2008.

John Bolton, NSA Director once said of Ban-Ki moon, one of the greatest Secretary General’s of the UN, was an idiot. And threatened other UN representatives if they didn’t vote to support America’s agenda.  He sees war as the answer to all problems.  Almost the same quote as Josef Stalin, “Death solves all problems.”

When judgement day comes for these people, having destroyed the reputation of America and favored big business and orchestrated the demise of the environment, they will all plead that they were just following orders.  The same things the Germans said when Hitler was rounding up the Jews.


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