Donald Trump admitted stealing from his own charity.  New York state officials found that $2 million in a court-ordered judgment for using the Trump Foundation for personal gain.


But the act was so trivial compared to all else Trump has done that it went virtually unnoticed.


Among other violations, Trump paid more than $250,000 to settle a lawsuit against his other, for profit businesses.  He paid $20,000 for a 6 foot portrait of himself and funneled millions into his own 2016 campaign.  The illegal withdrawals go back as far as 1989 when he wrote a foundation check to pay for his son’s Boy Scot intimation fee.  Think about that!  $7!  And you thought there were limits as to low this subhuman would go.


And still his supports stick by him.  Fools who never read one line in magazines that report the news honestly.

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