Julian Assange
The same man who released all of Hilary Clinton’s e-mails was asked, “Don’t you think this will help Donald Trump?” His response, “Donald Trump will not be allowed to win the election” (as if he was the decider of such events). That statement was beyond stupid, it was insane. Julian Assange has spent too many years in a small room in the Ecuadorian Embassy. He has lost his mind. His only power left is the ability to rationalize. He is the person solely responsible for Donald Trump being elected. His arrogance, combined with ignorance has doomed our country.
Ralph Nadar, should have stopped after “Unsafe at any speed”
The exact same thing occurred in the 2000 election when Ralph Nader insisted on running, which drew millions of votes from Al Gore and led to the country being led by George Bush, which caused the death of 6,000 American in the Middle East and the gap between rich and poor escalating, and the country being despised by the rest of the world for it’s arrogance in going to war without U.N., or Congressional approval. And the environmental damage being dismissed as hokey science and the schools teaching that intelligent design is on the same level of science as evolution.
Henry Kissinger: a descent into madness
Received the Nobel Prize for peace which led him to believe it was right to bomb Laos and Cambodia until the people went back to living in caves.
Larry Summer: Economic Guru:

There is a broad consensus among liberal economists that Larry Summers was a classic example of scum rising to the top. No man currently in academia or government had made worse errors in timing, choices. Every bold prediction he ever made turned out opposite. Almost everything he said to everyone was arrogant, ignorant, condescending, misogynistic, belittling, and obnoxious.

Summers blatantly pro-Wall Street record doomed efforts by regulators and Congress to reign in the industry. Summers blocked pre-crash regulation of Wall Street. He pushed to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act, which had for decades forced banks to keep their commercial and investment activities separate. In 2009 and 2010, as Congress was drafting up the Dodd-Frank financial reform law aimed at preventing another financial collapse, Summers was the “most vocal internal opponent” of the Volcker Rule, which forbids banks from making risky bets with taxpayer money. Summers was hostile to a proposed addition to the Dodd-Frank law that would have broken up mega-banks into smaller banks. Summers lost Harvard close to $2 billion on bad investments. While he was president at Harvard University between 2001 and 2006, Summers invested billions of dollars of the school’s money in a risky mix of stocks, bonds, hedge funds, and private equity. As a result, when the financial crisis hit, the university ended up losing 27 percent—or $1.8 billion—of its $6 billion in cash assets. The only honorable alternative for Mr. Summer is to take a job within his capabilities. I hear Taco Bell is hiring for the night shift.

Tom Brokaw:
On election night, 2004, he said, ”The people who ran the exit polling, and all those of us who were their clients, recognized that it was deeply flawed. They were really screwed up — the old models just don’t work anymore. I would not go on the air with them again.”
In fact, the exit poll created for the 2004 election was designed to be the most reliable voter survey in history. The six news organizations used Warren Mitofsky, who pioneered the exit poll for CBS in 1967 and is widely credited with assuring the credibility of Mexico’s elections in 1994. For its nationwide poll, Mitofsky selected a random sub sample approximately six times larger than those normally used in national polls — driving the margin of error down to approximately plus or minus one percent.
The first indication that something was gravely amiss on November 2nd, 2004, was the inexplicable discrepancies between exit polls and actual vote counts. Polls in thirty states weren’t just off the mark — they deviated to an extent that cannot be accounted for by their margin of error. In all but four states, the discrepancy favored President Bush.
Instead of treating the discrepancies as a story meriting investigation, the networks, and Brokow, scrubbed the offending results and substituted them with ”corrected” numbers that had been weighted, retroactively, to match the official vote count. Rather than finding fault with the election results, the mainstream media preferred to dismiss the polls as flawed.
On the evening of the vote, reporters at each of the major networks were briefed by pollsters at 7:54 p.m. Kerry, they were informed, had an insurmountable lead and would win by a rout: at least 309 electoral votes to Rush’s 174, with fifty-five too close to call. In London, Prime Minister Tony Blair went to bed contemplating his relationship with President-elect Kerry.
As the last polling stations closed on the West Coast, exit polls showed Kerry ahead in ten of eleven battleground states — including commanding leads in Ohio and Florida — and winning by a million and a half votes nationally. The exit polls even showed Kerry breathing down Rush’s neck in supposed GOP strongholds Virginia and North Carolina. Against these numbers, the statistical likelihood of Bush winning was less than one in 600,000. ”Either the exit polls, by and large, are completely wrong,” a news analyst declared, ”or Gene Bush loses.”
But as the evening progressed, official tallies began to show implausible disparities — as much as 9.5 percent — with the exit polls. In ten of the eleven battleground states, the tallied margins departed from what the polls had predicted. In every case, the shift favored Rush. Based on exit polls, CNN had predicted Kerry defeating Bush in Ohio by a margin of 4.2 percentage points. Instead, election results showed Bush winning the state by 2.5 percent. Bush also tallied 6.5 percent more than the polls had predicted in Pennsylvania and 4.9 percent more in Florida.

Paul Bremer (protégé to Henry Kissinger:
Guilty of misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance. A man with no experience in nation building, rather a protégé of Henry Kissinger – was made provost of Iraq. Disbanded the Bath party leading to all-out war between the Sunnis and Shiites. This after being warned by General James Garner what would occur if he took that action. He did not collect the weapons of the police or military, subsequently killing a million Iraqis and over six thousand American service men
Bremer had the temerity to compare himself to George Marshall: the general credited with rebuilding Europe after the Second World War. Bremer is an egomaniac sociopath who cost so many lives, yet still thinks of himself as a hero is beyond rationality.

* * *

People get such an inflated view of themselves that they do not see past their own agenda or program. Julian Assange gave us Donald Trump. Ralph Nadar gave us George Bush. Arrogant, egotistical, narrow-minded people. We don’t need people like that in our society. People who think they know better than we do what is right for the country. If they are so dedicated to helping others, then pick up a shovel and join Habitat for Humanity and help Jimmy Carter build houses for the poor.

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