No?  Well, the joke’s on you.  When science speaks of ET, you’re thinking we are going to either get a visit from an alien life form or reach one on our own.  However, what they are speaking of is the possibility of finding microbial life.  The earliest, simplest, most common form of life in the universe.  There’s plenty of microbial life in the universe, but as far as finding ET, well, good luck with that.

The latest scientific findings indicate that there is a 56% chance we are the only intelligent life in our galaxy, the Milky Way.  And there is a 44% chance we are the only intelligent life in the universe.

Based on my own research, I can safely say we are “definitely” the only intelligent life in the universe which is 13.7 billion years old.  Since our sun is only 5.5 billion years old, that means other planets have had 8.2 billions years more time to develop than we have.  Yet in all that time, no ET has even been observed.  No signal has ever been detected.

In 200 years we went from covered wagons to the moon and beyond.  Voyager I&II have reached interstellar space, the region beyond our own solar system.

Well, how about populating other planets because the Earth will soon be too polluted and too crowded to live on.

I know how to fix that!  Let’s send people to Mars!  Sure, there’s a good idea!  Where there’s no air to breath, no infrastructure, no raw materials, no source of power and temperatures as cold as minus 195 degrees Fahrenheit on avenge, but toasty warm at the equator where it only gets down to 100 degree below zero at night.  Space suits weight 300 pounds.  Where are you going to go on Mars?  Maybe to a disco club?  A library.  I know!  A Starbucks!  They’re everywhere!

It will cost $1 trillion dollars for a mission to Mars.  That is a thousand billion dollars.  That is to get people to land on mars and do some experiments then return home.  The cost of establishing a permanent station is so astronomical that no one has even bothered to toss out a figure.  For one one-hundredth of what it would cost to station a dozen people on Mars, we could solve every single on of our problems here:  clean the air, replenish the soils, save the oceans, stop the temperature increase, and produce enough food for all people.

As far as over-crowded, the only continent that will have any substantial growth in the next forty years is Africa.  All we have to do is promote education (educated women delay sex for four to six years).  Promote birth control.  Use NATO to fight rebels and insurrection, making people feel safe.

The other continents are either at zero population grow or below that (The EU, Japan, and most of Asia).  Within forty years, the entire population of the Earth will be decreasing, not increasing.  Any other conclusion is fear-mongering.

Let’s stop talking about ridiculous scenarios of inhabiting other planets and fix this one.

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