You’ve heard that there is a dangerous situation at our border with Mexico, that immigrants are rapists, drug mules, that  immigrants abuse social services, that crime by immigrants is rampant, well, it must be true.  But have you considered the source?  Thump lies about everything.  Fact check, a nationally known organization, has reviewed thousands of statements made by Trump and found that 95% of everything he says is a lie.

First, immigration from Mexico is at its lowest level in 10 years.  Levels in 2016 / 2017 were 500,000 lower than 2010-2015.

Mexican immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than the general population.

There is no immigration problem to solve.  It is all a fabrication by the Border patrol, ICE, DEA.

The government spends tens of billions of dollars on border security to stop a few thousand immigrants from crossing to safety and taking menial paying jobs no American wants.

Immigrants are not drug mules.  99% of drugs from México are transported by trucks and planes.

But what of the social costs for illegals?  The food stamps, medical care, disability payments?  The great majority of immigrants pay taxes.  But they are so afraid of being caught by the system that they rarely take advantage of social safety nets.

Most Mexicans pay taxes but they are afraid to go to hospitals or claim workman’s compensation or social security or apply for disability or food stamps because they think somehow they will be thrown out of the country if they do.  The immigrants who do not pay taxes are being paid cash by Americans trying to keep their business under the radar.  They are the criminals, not the immigrant.

The one, and only reason, Donald Trump clams there is a national emergency at our border is because he made the wall a priority in his campaign and need to keep his base happy.

The next time Donald Trump opens his mouth, be assured that whatever he says is a lie.

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