Well, first, let’s just say, who gives a fuck.

Let me put that another way….if there was a royal wedding in my living room, I wouldn’t come out of my bedroom.

Royal how?  What did they do to become royal?  Did they free their people?  Did they fight a great enemy?  Did they give all their wealth to the people?

No.  They didn’t do jack shit.  The queen and her family get over one hundred million per year to live the lives of royalty while not doing a single thing to deserve it…unless of course you think attending the horse races is vital to the country.

Wait, there is one thing they do really well.  Hats.  They wear these ridiculous, moronic, flatulence-filled hats that try to out-stupid one another.  Something you’d see on Kentucky Derby day in America.

They need lobotomize more than they need hats.

How about those accusations against the queen who asked whoever the fuck it was who was having a mixed raced, mongoloid, down syndrome baby, “what color will the baby’s skin be?”  How horrible!  Who would say such a thing!

Well, any homophobic, racist, bigot, misogynist, stupid, narrow, out of touch with reality person who get their servant to wipe their ass when the go to the bathroom (that is not a joke).

The entire royal family is inbred, slow-talking, fast drooling, banjo-playing, small-minded fools who actually think that having a prince, or princess, or baron or baroness title before or after their name actually means something in the real world.

If they really wanted to help their country they would move out of their mansions and palaces and sell off all the royal property and antiques and distribute the money to the poor.






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