Following are verbatim statements by Donald Trump and my comments.

1) I went to the Wharton School of Business. I’m like a really smart person. It’s very possible I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money at it.”
2) On abortion: “I’m very pro-choice.” then, “I’m pro-life.”
3) On guns: “Look, there’s nothing I like better than nobody has them.” Then, “I fully support the 2nd amendment.”
4) On heath care: “I will replace it with something terrific.”
5) In 2000 he sought the presidency on the Reform party. A decade ago he said he was a Democrat. Now he’s a Republican.
6) Religion: “I am strongly into the Bible. I am strongly into God and Religion.” When ask to quote any scripture, he could not quote one.
7) On Wealth: “I have net worth of much more than 10 billion.” Forbes Magazine said 1.9 billion.
8) “I am a self-made man.” He inherited 300 million dollars and built it to almost 2 billion by declaring bankruptcy three times. He would be worth more today if he had invested the 300 million in Treasury bills or a money market account than he has with all his under-handed wheeling and dealing.
9) Immigration: “I will build a wall on the Mexican Border and make them pay for it.” “I will deport all 11 million immigrants,”…which would cost 285 billion – $900 in new taxes for every man and woman in America. “Mexicans are bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” Not only will I deport them but also their children that were born here.” – Completely illegal since they are U.S. citizens
10) Foreign Policy: “I will crush ISIS and take the oil.”
11) “I am a better negotiator than al the dummies who represent our country.” “Geopolitics is no harder than selling property.”
12) “Every country that does business with us is ripping us off.” “The money China took out of the U.S. is the greatest rip off inn the history of our country.” China has bought 4 trillion of our treasuries, keeping the country from going bankrupt.
13) “I will withdraw all military support for our allies in Asia: South Korea, Japan, The Philippines. They can protect themselves.
14) “I play to people’s fantasies. I call it truthful hyperbole.”
15) He calls heavy-set people, “Fat Pigs.”
16) When a woman commentator asked him a hard question, he said, “She has blood coming out of her everywhere.”

Donald Trump is quite insane: a megalomaniac, sociopathic, mentally challenged, individual. As president he would ruin the country. Yet he has enough money to fund his campaign to the very end. Be careful America, you may get what you hope for.

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