I’ll bet that Starbucks latte was a great start to your day.  After all the bad weather we’ve had, I’m sure your car looks much better with that brushless car wash.

Got plans for the weekend?  Getting together with friends for dinner and a few drinks?  Hey, you work hard during the week, you’ve earned a little R&R after putting in those 40 hours of exchanging e-mails, conference calling, and oh, those meetings.  Seem to drag on forever.

I’m sure you’ve made some new year’s resolutions: trade in that old clunker of a four year old car, get a new wardrobe, plan that overdue trip to the Bahamas.

Yeah, you know there are problems in the world, injustices, ethnic cleansing, genocides, war, starvation, disease, but your life is no bowl of cherries.  You have to put up with a demanded boss, and that traffic.  Man, that’s a killer

Speaking of killers….do you know what’s going on in.  Myanmar and Bangladesh?

Hey, I don’t want to spoil your day, but give me a few minutes of your time.

In the past, I’ve discussed the situation in Yemen.  I would like to now enlighten you as to what is going on in Myanmar, once know as Burma.

The Rohingyas people of the Rakhine state, in west Myanmar are being ethnically cleansed, raped, tortured, killed, starved, burn to death.  All under the orders of former Noble Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi.  She suffered house arrest for ten years by the generals who ran the country.  She suffered isolation, physical attacks.  Once freed, she could not run for office, but she never-the-less leads her party.

Mass rape of women, children and adults with their throats slashed in front of their families. Villages sprayed by helicopter gunships.  A woman about to give birth beaten by soldiers, her baby stomped on as it was borne, destructing of crops.  People fleeing in boats gun downed.  All killed because the Rohingyas are Muslim while the rest of Myanmar is Buddhist.  Make no mistake, the cleansing and killing is being directed by Aung San Suu Kyi.

Take the story of Setera Bibi.  Last year at 4:00 a.m., the 23 year old woman was awoken by gunfire.  Fifty soldiers rampaged through her village.  They entered her house, took her husband.  Four hours later he was returned, beaten, tortured, killed.  She buried him as her village burned.  She took her two daughters and mother and fled for the Bangladeshi border.  Two days later, she had to cross a swollen river.  She tried to cross with a daughter in each hand.  Her younger wiggled free and was swept away.  She and her villagers were chased by soldiers, some were shot.  Her mother fell behind.  Soldiers beat her with rifle butts, breaking her back.  They finally made it to Kutupalong, a refuge camp in Bangladesh.  They exist on a few handfuls of rice and dried beans.

So, what can you do regarding a tragedy 7,000 miles away?  You can stop tweeting and texting and sending pictures and start sharing this story with others.  Donate to Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, the Red Cross.  Talk to others.  Share the story, get them to donate.  Don’t fall back into complacency.  Don’t say you can’t make a difference.  Stop rationalizing.  You can make a difference.

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