Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are absolutely correct in not pursuing the impeachment of Donald Trump.

In 1996 when Bill Clinton was impeached, his polls numbers rose substantially, many voters thinking he had been unfairly persecuted.

They were a major disappointment to the Republicans, who were expecting to gain seats due to the embarrassment Clinton suffered during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and the “six-year itch” effect observed in most second-term midterm elections. However, the Republicans lost five seats to the Democrats, but retained a narrow majority in the House. A wave of Republican discontent with Speaker Newt Gingrich prompted him to resign shortly after the election; he was replaced by Congressman Dennis Hastert of Illinois.

The campaign was marked by Republican attacks on the morality of President Bill Clinton, with Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr having released his report on the Lewinsky scandal and House leaders having initiated an inquiry into whether impeachable offenses had occurred. However, exit polls indicated that most voters opposed impeaching Clinton.

Trump’s follows already believe he has been unfairly and unreasonably targeted.  Adding one more reason for people to sympathize with him would have the exact opposite effect as intended.

Added to that is the fact that the impeachment would never be affirmed by the senate.

The more important scenario is to get Trump out of office.  That will take coordinated strategy.  And that strategy leaves no room for emotional decisions or personal vendettas.

When he is out of office, the Attorney General for the state of New York will indict him on numerous charges.  As will the U.S. Attorney for the Southern district of New York and the states of Virginia and Maryland.

The result of a successful impeachment simply removes a politician from office

The results from the indictments by the aforementioned organizations will insure Trump spends the last years of his life in prison.

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