There isn’t a man or woman on Earth who hates Trump more than I do.  However, for me, the prime goal is to defeat Trump in 2020.

Let’s back up to 1998 and the Clinton presidency.  When the Senate failed to convict Clinton, is rating went up and the Democrats picked up seats in the mid-term elections.

When the Mueller report failed to unequivocally charge Trump, his rating went up.

When, not if, the effort to impeach Trump fails, because it takes a 2/3rd vote in the Senate when the Democrats don’t even have a majority, Trump’s ratings will go up again.

I am more worried about the country than I am about seeing Trump convicted for his crimes.  Besides, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of NY has a surprise waiting for Trump when he is out of office.  That district is the toughest in the nation.  It is the district that tried and convicted all the heads of the Italian Mafia and put them in orison for long term periods.

Trump is also being investigated by several states and also the Attorney general of NY State.

Yes, I’d love to see Trump brought down low, but let’s get him out of office.  And the most certain way is to beat him in 2020.

Trump is hiding his tax returns, bank transactions. Loan applications, blocking administration appointees from testifying.

These issues can be addressed without considering impeachment.  And the house has many options for getting this information that have, as yet, been used.

Yes, Muller did lay out clear evidence in his report, but he did so in “legal language” that 75% of American did not comprehend the implications of.

Pelosi and Schumer can placate the “impeach now” players by pressing investigations on all the issues brought up my Mueller.

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