In 1972, Richard Nixon “leaned” on Justice Dept. official Henry Peterson, who was overseeing the Watergate investigation at the time.  Nixon repeated asked if he was under investigation.  When told it was two of his senior aides who were under investigation, Nixon defended them as, “fine, upstanding guys.”

According to the record, that was one of the three impeachment articles: “A disregard for the rule of law.”

In a similar, if not exact, replication of that time, Trump repeatedly asked F.B.I director James Comey, if he were under investigation in the Russia probe.

When informed that his national security adviser, Michael Flynn has secret communications with the Russians, Trump urged Comey to lay off Flynn because he was a “good guy.”

When Comey refused, Trump sacked hm.

Robert Muller is looking into what Mr. Trump knew about a meeting between his senior advisors and some well-connected Russians who were promising “dirt” on Hilary.

Yet in spite of all these similarities, it is unlikely that Trump will be impeached due to tribal loyalties.  Republicans would rather protect a low-life, degenerate, lying, thieving scumbag than protect the country.

Nixon resigned the day after the Republican Congressmen said they would not defend him.  With the benefit of stronger partisanship and a twenty-four hour propaganda machine (think Donald), Nixon might have hung on.

Trump has threatened to shut down the Muller investigation, or more like his slimy self, have an underling do it.  This is similar to the “Saturday Night massacre” when Nixon ordered Attorney General Eliot Richardson to fired independent special prosecutor Archibald Cox.  Richardson refused and resigned immediately.  Nixon then ordered Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus to fire Cox.  Ruckelshaus also refused and quit.  Nixon then ordered the third most senior person at the justice department, Solicitor General Robert Bork, to fire Cox.  He did but those actions only caused Nixon’s detractors to solidify and speed the path of impeachment.

In a direct correlation to Nixon, Trump fired his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, and ILLEGALLY appointed Matthew Whittaker, in a clear bid to derail the Muller investigation.

But Donald Trump’s methods are to take many smaller, destabilizing, unethical, immoral steps, thereby raising the bar for impeachable words and actions.  And that is what might save this bastard.

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