1. Dallas, Texas. Oswald was a patsy, set up by the mafia and CIA to take the fall.  The Mafia was retaliating for Kennedy breaking his promise and going after the organization.  The CIA was threatened with dismemberment by Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs, which Kennedy called a disaster but the CIA called a sell-out.  The Mafia and CIA had already worked together for years in attempts to assassinate Castro.  The Kennedy assassination was simply an extension of that relationship already in place.

“’One piece of evidence that was never brought out in any previous investigation…Gen. Charles Cabell was a deputy director of the CIA and an integral part of the Bay of Pigs planning.  After that fiasco, Kennedy fired him.  He “lost a star” and went back to the Pentagon as a Lieutenant General.  His brother, Earle Cabell, was mayor of Dallas.  On Monday, November 18th, the Dallas Morning News said the motorcade would travel straight down Main Street.  On Wednesday, the paper reiterated that the parade route was down Main Street.  On Thursday, November 21, 1963, the Dallas paper showed a map with the motorcade going straight down Main Street and not making any turns.  Twelve hours before the event, Mayor Cabell’s office made a change in the route.  Instead of traveling straight down Main through the middle of Dealey Plaza, which was the route published in the newspaper the previous day, the motorcade turned right on Houston and went over to the Texas School Book Depository at Elm and Houston.  It then turned left and headed down Elm.  President Kennedy was shot and killed on Elm.  There was no possible way Oswald could hit the president from the School Book Depository if the procession went down Main Street.

“The route was changed at the last hour to both make the assassination possible and to be able to accuse Oswald who was set up in the School Book Depository weeks before the motorcade route was changed, when no one but the CIA and the Dallas mayor had the information.


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