I spoke to a scientist who has investigated CBD.  First, only the CBD oil infused with THC has ANY affect AT ALL.   Second, the scientist said that no one has done any testing to determine what amounts of CBD are needed for any given illness or condition.

Only a double-blind study can definitively say if CBD works for a given condition or if people are just feeling the placebo effect.

Next, THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, shrinks the brain, causes thinking to become distorted, and alters reality.

CBD in oils, capsule and gummies and cakes and cookies are being consumed in large quantities because the effect is not felt until after all the products are ingested.  Emergency room visits for psychotic episodes are up 400% since the introduction of food and drink products containing CBD / THC have gone on the market.

There is absolutely no proof that CDB products by themselves (without THC) have any effect.

No one has done any study that shows how the body eliminates CBD, or how long it takes to do so.  Whether it reaches its target organ in the body, or how it is broken down in the body.

No one knows how CDB / THC products interact with other drugs.

Even 100% pure CBD is a PSYCHOACTIVE drug and can cause psychotic episodes on its own if taken in sufficient quantities.

CBD / THC makes users drowsy and can effect driving and other activities that require focus.

Until some one does a double-blind study with CBD that has different levels of THC, no one can say definitively that CBD works, what conditions it helps with, or what percentage of THC is required to have the needed effect.

I have a friend who owns 3 “Pot Shop.”  He said I can have any product he sells for free. The best pot in the world, and it’s free!

So, you know what I said to him?  “Here’s $50, now please don’t mention pot again in any conversation with me.”

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