Obama went to Madrassas and Mosques in Indonesian. Most Indonesians are Sunni. When Obama came to America he studied the life of Malcolm X (a Sunni) whom he said, taught him (Obama) how to be a black man in America.

So, they are now saying the reason Obama has not been more aggressive toward ISIS is because Assad (in Syria) is Alawite (a form of Shia) and ISIS (trying to over throw Assad) is Sunni. Hard to believe? Look at how weak and ineffective his bombing campaign has been against ISIS compared to what Russia has done in a few weeks.

Obama personally signed off on the bombing of Doctors without borders medical facilities because they were caring for injured people in Afghanistan and Iraq. Doctors Without Borders does not discriminate who it cares for. Injured al Qaeda and other terrorist were among those treated.

Obama had dedicated doctors and nurse killed – along with innocent civilians – because he is a gutless coward who carries around a kill list in his pocket and once bragged, “I’m good at killing people.”

Don’t believe it? Don’t want to believe it? Do your own research. That will confirm what I found.

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