• Copper infused knee and elbow wraps and gloves.  Scam.  No proven studies.  Certainly no double blind studies.  If any metal (think lead from contaminate water) reaches the blood stream and gets to the brain, it causes mental illness.
  • Airbnb.  The downside.  A good way to make extra money?  Of course.  The people you rent to will maintain your house exactly as you do.  They will respect other peoples’ property and leave it in the same condition they found it.  And then there’s the $40, $50 or even $100 dollars in extra money to help with the bills.  The downside?  A couple in Indianapolis rented their home for one night to a nice young man who was going to have a few friends over for company.  Well, that was partially true. He invited 200 people he knew, some of who knew each other, dome did not. Well, as you can imagine, disagreements came up and then a fight broke out, then shots were fired.  Two people died, six injured.  Over one hundred shots fired.  Bullets when through appliances, walls, pictures and furniture.  You think this couldn’t possibly happen to you?  Think again.
  • On-line degrees. Lies, half-truthds.  One 10% of people finished the programs.  No Fortune 500 company or any well-established company would ever give you one iota of credit or credence with such a degree.
  • CBD.  Fantasy.   No studies.  Certainly no double-blind studies.  Labs show that only CBD infused with TCH has benefits.  So what you are doing is getting stoned and that’s what makes you feel better.  Also, no one regulates the amount of TCH in CBD.  Emergency room visits by people overdosing on TCH, especially food-type TCH, are up 1,000% in four years.  CBD supporters claim it can cure everything from cancer to depression, to sore muscles, to migraine headaches.  Well, has anyone tested to see how much TCH / CBD is needed for each ailment?  No tests, no studies.  Only anecdotal stories.  Just take the same about of CBD for a headache as for cancer.
  • UFOs.  Science fiction.  What has been seen are lights moving very fast.  Read up on Superior mirages to learn where the lights are coming from.  And it’s not from space ships.  Maybe Big foot is using mirrors to shine the lights.
  • Meal planning / deliveries.  Exaggeration.  The only way to lose weigh is to burn more calories than you ingest.  If you try to lessen calories without exercise, the body thinks there is a famine and slows down the metabolism, the opposite of what you need to happen.  Every single person you hear endorsing a meal planning business has lost the weight by adding exercise to the regime.
  • Elon Musk is a genius. Hyperbole.  Really.  He rose up on the backs of those who came before him.  Elon Musk is a nasty little man who works his employees to the bone while belittering and degrading them.  Every executive with his companies left because of his irrational behavior.  He is, over-bearing, maniacal, bi-polar and schizophrenic.  Elon Musk did not start Tesla.  He stole it during an early round of financing for the company.  Tesla was founded in San Carlos, California in 2003 by American entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning who named the company after the inventor Nicolai Tesla.  Musk did not come on board with the company until Tesla was 5 years old.  He is an idiot for risking a top secret clearance from the government by smoking pot on a pod cast.  Two years ago, 12 children in Thailand were caught in a flooded cave.  One man, Vernon Unsworth, supervised the rescue, brought many disparate forces together and saved the children.  Elon Musk said Vernon Unsworth did so because he was a pedophile.  He never even met the man.  It was a lie and vindictive because someone was getting more publicity than him.
  • Electric cars are not the answer.  Scam.  Electric cars create more problems than they solve.  Hydrogen cars are the future.  And in case you think that is way in the future, Toyota and a few other car companies are already producing hydrogen cars.  Electric cars are just a scam by the big automakers to get everyone to get rid of the gas operated cars.  As soon as all the gas-operated cars are gone, then hydrogen cars will be the solution and we’ll eventually have to get rid of the electric cars with their 1,000 pound batteries.
  • Carbon capture, weather manipulation, industrial make-over.  Ridiculous.  Global warming can be stopped and reversed by the planting of 4 billion trees. Does that sound like a lot?  There are 57,308,738 square miles of land on the earth of which about 33% is desert and about 24% is mountainous. Subtracting this uninhabitable 57% (32,665,981 square miles) from the total land area leaves 24,642,757 square miles or 15.77 billion acres of habitable land.  That means that 7.8% of the habitable land would be needed to plant the trees.  No new technology needed.
  • Diets based on blood type Lies.  Eeating only within certain hours, fruit juice cleanse, calorie deprivation, fasting. All bullshit.  The Paleolithic people lived from 2.5 million years ago until 10,000 B.C.  They were hunter-gatherers.  Their diet consisted of 35% from fish or free ranging animals.  Only 5% of their diet was from fruit.  25% from root crops, 10% from nuts.  They were the healthiest people to ever roam the earth.  The men were 6’2”, the women 5’10”.  They had no cancer, no heart disease, no autoimmune disease.  Within 5000 years, ending in 12,000 B.C., man became farmers who depended on grain, their brains shrank by 35% and the men and women shrank to 5’8” and 5’5” respectfully.
  • Jesus Christ. The son of God?   Gossip.  Heal the sick, raised the dead?  Bullshit.  Rose from the grave?  Ridiculous.  All records kept after Jesus died never mentioned him rising from the dead until 60 years after he died.  Total bull shit.  Jesus’ boyhood home was Galilee just five kilometers from Sepphoris, the Roman provincial capital where an ambitious building campaign attracted skilled workers from all the surrounding villages.  Many scholars believe Jesus, a young craftsman living nearby, found work at Sepphoris.  There, Jesus was exposed to the teachings and lectures and counter-cultural lifestyle and subversive sayings of the “Cynics.”  Those nomadic philosophers of ancient Greece, while not cynical in the modern sense of the word, thumbed their unwashed noses at social conventions such as cleanliness and the pursuit of wealth and status.  The Bible said all men were the sons of God. Jesus believed he was THE son of God.  He was delusional, schizophrenic, psychotic, paranoid, and bi-polar, with delusions of grandeur.  What’s interesting is that The Prophet Muhammad suffered from the same illnesses.  When someone says they are the channel to God, or even that they are God, maybe it would make sense to take his words with a grain of salt.
  • Uber Eats, Grub-hub Half-truths.  Great for you but destroying the businesses where the food comes from.  Those companies lose 65-75% of their profits due to the fees charged by the food delivery companies.  Get off your ass and pick up the food yourself before your favorite food businesses go broke.

Do your homework. Take nothing at face value.  Use you intelligence to ask questions and find answers by research, not from some nut case like Tucker Carlson.  Take nothing for granite.

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