Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner met with a state-run Russian bank which had been under U.S. economic sanctions since 2014. It was disclosed that its executives had met Jared, a key policy adviser in the Trump’s “circle of fools” administration, during the 2016 election camp.

Kushner has now been asked to discuss the contact, and a meeting during the same period with the Russian ambassador with the House committee investigation illegal or improper foreign contact.

Kushner is a punk kid with an ego inflated to the size of the Hindenburg, a man with no political, foreign, diplomatic experience who sees himself as a guiding force in our government. A liar who is setting up business relationship with banned Russian banks and setting up back door communications to avoid the scrutiny of US. Security services.  The kid is a clown. A man who fancies himself integral to the standing of the U.S. in the world.  I wouldn’t even ask him to take my trash out, figuring he would sift through the rubbish to find some information to use against me.

I almost get sick when I watch this kid with nothing to offer but the same scams and back door wheeling and dealing as his father-in-law.

He sits so studiously at White House meetings as if he holds some wondrous revelations when in fact he is closer to being a mime than a valued political advisor.

“Since joining the White House, Kushner has never broken character in public,” wrote Trump’s biographer Michael D’Antonio at CNN. “He reveals no independent thoughts, feelings or voice,” D’Antonio explained. “Kushner is the symbol of loyalty to the president who made clear during the campaign that ‘family first’ was his top priority and has since won the president’s confidence thanks to him being ‘a true Trump loyalist.’

This idiot, Mr. Antonio, thinks he is complimenting Kushner for being loyal to Trump and putting family first. Doesn’t he realize you’re supposed to put America first? Has he ever even read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights or the works of the founding fathers? Giving this kid a seat at the big table is like giving a loaded gun to Wily E. Coyote.

Even far-right circles in his own party are singling Kushner out as the sole root of Trump’s problems. And on the left, Democrats are using Kushner’s investigation as a way to get at the president

It actually was Kushner’s advice that tilted the balance in one Trump decision: the fateful decision to fire Comey. Kushner, according to reports, strongly supported the move and convinced Trump there would be no political consequences to the move.  The Comey hearing may have definitively proved him wrong — in more ways than one.

Ex-FBI chief James Comey testified Thursday that President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, would have given Russia’s spies a boost if he had succeeded in setting up ” back-channel communications” with the Kremlin.  The primary risk is obvious. You spare the Russians the cost and effort of having to break into our communication by using theirs and so make it a whole lot easier for them to capture all of your conversations and to use those to the benefit of Russia against the United States,” he told the Senate intelligence committee.”

Kushner, one of Trump’s top advisers, has been named a person of interest in special counsel Robert Mueller’s criminal probe into Russia’s meddling in the presidential election.

Kushner in December allegedly approached Russian US Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and inquired about establishing the line of communications using private equipment to avoid public scrutiny.  Kushner failed to disclose his meetings with Kislyak, and that he also met with the head of a shady Russian state-owned bank.

The Trump administration has downplayed the revelations, saying it was common for government officials to arrange back-channel communications — even though Trump had not been sworn in at the time, meaning his son-in-law had no official role.

This kid is an idiot if he thinks he can do anything to benefit this country and its relationships with other countries.  He’s a real estate developer in New York, for Christ sake.  That qualifies him for less than nothing.

He should step aside and let someone with a lifetime’s worth of experience and loyalty to America rather than loyalty to The Donald: a conniving, delusional, duplicitous, criminal idiot with a megalomania personality.

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