Jared Kushner’s peace plan shows a complete lack of understanding of Palestinians.  Time and time again, when an economic settlement was proposed, the Palestinians summarily rejected it, stating that no economic proposals would be considered until a political solution was first proposed and accepted.

Kushner’s plan was touted as the “deal of the century,” when, in fact, it showed a complete disregard for the history, goals and priorities of the Palestinian people.

Kushner’s plan depends not only on other Arab leaders contributing to the fund, but also approving the expenditures, which include an industrial park ad a five billion dollar superhighway connecting Gaza and the West Bank.  Great for people who have cars and can afford gas.  These proposals while the West bank and Gaza have no clean water sources and electricity for only 4 hours a day.

Further, Israel would never even allow such a highway to be built.  Palestinian Authority leader Mahmood Abbas refused to even attend the launch.

The reaction by the Palestinian people was to burned effigies of Donald Trump and chant, “Palestine is not for sale.”

Nor was it address that the Trump Administration cut more than $200 million in aid to Palestinians last year, even canceling funding for the United Nations agency that pays for schools, hospitals ad infrastructure in the Palestinian territories.,

Mutafa Al-Barghouthi, with a Jordanian Internet site said, “The plan is a hoax.”

Further, all the money does not come from America.  Half comes from loans to the Palestinians and $11 billion from private investors who will expect a substantial profit for the risk they entail investing in a conflict zone.

Much of the money goes to Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon with the goals of settling Palestinian refugees there, eliminating their right to return to their home territory.

Kushner’s deal would make those payments conditional on Palestinians relinquishing their claim to Jerusalem and accepting Israel’s annexation of large parts of the West Bank.

According to a Palestinian reporter, “This is not an economic plan, but a plan to destroy Palestinian’s national future.

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