On the day Joe Biden was sworn in, Covid deaths reached 400,000.  Because Donald Trump did nothing to stem the virus.  Trump is a sadist: one who enjoys seeing others suffer.  Even better when he is the cause of that suffering.

In December of 2019, the CIA warned Trump that a pandemic was headed our way.  Three times they warned him.  Trump’s response was, “It’s going to disappear.  It will be like a miracle.”

In March of 2020, Jared Kushner finally did something right.  He assembled the best team of virologists, statisticians, pharmaceutical manufacturers and IT people and came up with a plan to trace and test everyone in the country.  Trump refused the plan because, “Well, it looks like the virus is killing more Democrats and Republicans so we’re not going to use that.”

Every nationwide study done showed that if Trump had instituted testing and tracing early on, America would have had only 10% of the deaths we experienced.

Trump refused to distribute HazMat suits, ventilators and testing equipment to any state where the governor or senators did not praise him and support him.  Dangling a carrot while thousands died.

Joe Biden was forced to spend trillions to save the country.  All because Trump refused to take any steps to stem Covid.

Biden was left with a virus out of control.  The money he spent was needed to bring the virus under control and to preserve the American economy.

Had Biden not acted and done nothing, like Donald Trump, there would be over a million people dead and the economy in shambles.

If you hate the spending, then hate Donald Trump, not Joe Biden

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