As for the desecration and destruction of statues, those historical men should be judge by the morals and laws and ethics of the time those individuals lived, not by those who look back from a future time and pass judgment while have little or no knowledge or understanding of the circumstances under which such actions or decisions were made/

It is easy, too easy, to pass judgment when one has a hundred or two hundred years of history to draw on.

What do men fear theses statues so much that they feel the need to destroy them?  Those men have been dead for centuries.  They can’t harm you.  Are people so weak as to be unable to think, feel and live by their own merits?

How about living your life in a positive manner, do noble things, do constructive things, not destructive.

Spend the time and energy dealing with the problems of today rather that pronouncing judgment on those persons from afar.

Use you time and energy to making life better for your fellow citizens rather than wasting it on a history you cannot change no matter how many statuses you desecrate.

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