In 2010, Assange offered to help Chelsea Manning break into top secret classified information. While that effort was not successful, Wiki leaks did publish hundreds of thousands of classified, sensitive military and diplomatic documents supplied by Manning.

The troubling part, and one that separates Assange from ethical journalists, was that he did not take the time and make the effort to redact specific name of assets at risk in foreign countries.  People risking their lives to gather information and protect American interests.

According to experts, Assange can now claim another excuse t o counter the rape allegations in Sweden, the bail jumping in England and the espionage act in America.

Over the course of the 6 years in the Ecuadorian Embassy, Assange has become certifiably insane.  He verbally abused the staff, refused to change his cat’s litter box and smeared his own feces n the walls.

He also leaked documents regarding the president of Ecuador, the president who was allowing him to stay at the embassy.

The question is, does the indictment of Julian Assange portend a crackdown n freedom Of the press.  I do no think so.

Assange did not solicit information from a source.  Assange worked to help Chelsea Manning break into classified websites and steal documents.

No good journalist would leak classified documents without at least redacting names of people who could be placed at risk by the leak.  He specifically refused to redact the names of dissidents in hostile countries who work with the US, placing them in harms way.

Whereas real journalists protect their sources and are willing to go to jail to protect them, Assange did the opposite

On the other hand, Assange, through Wiki leaks, revealed war crimes, placing America’s war on terror in full view of the people.

In this case it will come down to what Assange did to assist Chelsea Manning in the attempt to break into the Defense Department files.  I will leave it up to the courts in to decide which arguments take precedent.

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