Left behind. The down side of the information Age

While you shop, text, tweet, surf the net, watch TV and take selfies, the world you thought you knew is rapidly changing. Technology is projected to benefit only those workers whose salaries place them in the top 10-20% of the income spectrum. 50% of all jobs below these projections will, in the next 5-10 years, be lost to technology: computers, robots, and things yet unforeseen. Only those continuing their educations in computers, science and technology will find themselves marketable commodities. The rest will be under employed or unemployable. It will be the middle class jobs that will disappear. The lowest rung jobs: blue collar work will be just fine: fast food workers, janitors, lawn care, delivery boys and men, Starbucks baristas, etc. The middle class that has been squeezed and suppressed will be further marginalized.
You may want to consider putting down the graphic novel, the play station joy stick, the TV remote, the romance or sci-fi novel, stop discussing the winner of “The Voice,” “The Biggest Looser,” ‘Survivor” and sign up for on-line courses at the hundreds of universities now available.
So many have their heads stuck in the ground or faces in magazines or playing video games against opponents in other cities and other countries that they don’t even see this coming. It’s going to hit you like a freight train. You will be blindsided unless you wake up now. There’s still time but the window of opportunity is closing fast.
You can escape into your “safe world” – the world of graphic comics, fantasizing about the rich and famous, surfing the net, watching the “X” games, playing frisbee, going to the movies – but those activities will only move you further down the ladder of functionality.

This will cause social unrest, but since you did not network with others in the job market, educational realms, or social causes, you will find yourself powerless.

In the information age you are either disposable or indispensable.

And don’t look for politicians or political parties to save you. They’ll be too busy trying to save themselves.

My political commentary is meant to bring a heightened consciousness and real discussion to people intent on changing social, political, and economic conditions. Politics as usual is destroying our Democracy. Government corruption demands real political change, not just a new candidate in the old system. Political leadership only leads to self-serving agendas and self aggrandizement. Politicians eschew social causes for personal enrichment. Political power corrupt morality and rationality. The result is criminal behavior and Constitutional crimes.

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