You may ask why.  Well, George caused the death of 2,372 American Solders in Afghanistan and 4,860 in Iraq.  Double those numbers if you included military contractors, all of whom were ex-military drawn back into the war by the huge salaries he offered.

He needs to forget about his lies, his war crimes, his stupidity that led to all those deaths.  And he does that by painting.  And when you have caused that much suffering, you need to paint a lot…a whole lot.  Like 20 hours a day.

Please read, sign and send the following letter to George.



PO Box 259000
Dallas, Texas 75225

Dear George W. Bush:

As for your Presidential Library, many remember you as a contender for the “worst president ever, saying you more aptly deserve a multi-million-dollar prison cell for a litany of war crimes.

As governor you signed the most execution orders of any state leader in U.S. history, including the mentally ill and women who were domestic abuse victims. The one man you spared was a serial killer.

You gutted global political progress by pulling out of the Kyoto Protocol which set requirements for 38 nations to lower greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change. You embraced global isolationism. He withdrew from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, over Russia’s protest, taking the U.S. in a direction not seen since World War I.

You ignored the Aug. 6, 2001 White House intelligence briefing titled, ‘Bin Laden determined to strike in the U.S.’ Meanwhile, your chief anti-terrorism advisor, and first Treasury Secretary, testified in Congress that you were intent on invading Iraq within days of becoming president.

Why was that? You think we don’t know? You think people are stupid and can’t read….like yourself? You wanted revenge because Saddam put out a hit contract on your father, another worthless, lying, greedy piece of shit who owned par of the Carlise Group, a company the made money by selling goods and service during wars…at the same time he was CIA Director!!

You ramped up war on drugs, not terrorists. You had twice as many FBI agents assigned to the war on drugs than fighting terrorism before 9/11, and kept thousands in that role after the terror attacks. All that after you, yourself, were a drunk and a coke addict who never attended roll call and meetings of the National Guard where you were training. Your lying even spread to other officers who covered for you when you offered them money and political favors.

George, do you want me to stop here so you can take a razor blade and slit your wrists?

You kept reading a picture book to grade-schoolers at a Florida school for seven minutes after his top aides told you that the World Trade Centers had been attacked in

You attacked Iraq not Afghanistan, beating war drums for an attack on Iraq, where there was no proven Al Qaeda link, instead of Afghanistan, where the 9/11 bombers had trained and Osama bin Laden was based.

You attacked the credibility of U.N. weapons inspectors in Iraq, whose claims that Saddam Hussein did not have nuclear weapons proved to be true.

You claimed that Saddam Hussein had the capacity to send unmanned aircraft to the U.S. with bombs that could range from chemical weapons to nuclear devices. “We cannot wait for the final proof—the smoking gun—that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud,” ypu said.  A claim so ridiculous that Disney wanted to make you a super hero fighting a man who came from the planet Krypton to destroy Earth.

You tried to get the U.N. Security Council to authorize an attack on Iraq, which it refused to do. You then decided to attack regardless of international consequences. Further, you did not wait for any congressional authorization to launch a war

You told the U.N. that the U.S. was withdrawing from ratifying the International Criminal Court Treaty to protect American troops from persecution and to allow it to pursue preemptive war.

You launched a war on CIA whistleblowers. When a former ambassador, Joseph C. Wilson, wrote a New York Times op-ed saying there was no nuclear threat from Iraq, you retaliated by leaking the name and destroying the career of his wife, Valerie Plame, one of the CIA’s top national security experts.

You launched the second Iraq War, leading to hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths and more than a million refugees a years of sectarian violence took hold on Iraq. Nearly 6,700 U.S. soldiers have died in the Iraq and Afghan wars. “A report of the heads of 16 U.S. intelligence agencies asserted that the Iraq war had increased Islamic radicalism and had worsened the terror threat.

You provided our troops with unsafe gear. From inadequate vests from protection against snipers, to Humvees that could not protect soldiers from roadside bombs, leading to an epidemic of brain injuries.

For years after the war started, you never attended a funeral even as thousands of young boys were laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery, about two miles from the White House.

Vice-President Dick Cheney and Halliburton made $39.5 billion, and included his daughter, Liz Cheney, who ran a $300 million Middle East partnership program made millions

You ignored the Geneva Convention that banned torture, and created a secret system of detention that was unmasked when photos made their way to the American media outlets.

You ignored basic civil liberties by launching a massive domestic spying program where millions of Americans’ online activities were monitored with the help of big telecom companies. You had no search warrant or court authority for its electronic dragnet.

The Iraq war created federal debt by between $4 trillion and $6 trillion. At the same tine you cut veterans’ healthcare funding, slashed more than one billion from military housing and opposed extending healthcare to National Guard families.

You cut funds for U.N. family planning programs, barred military bases from offering abortions, put right-wing evangelicals in regulatory positions where they rejected new birth control drugs, and issued regulations making fetuses, but not women, eligible for federal healthcare.

You froze Pell Grants for years and tightened eligibility for loans, affecting 1.5 million low-income students. You also eliminated other federal job training programs that targeted young people.

The Sierra Club lists three hundred actions gutting environmental law your staff took to undermine federal laws, from cutting enforcement budgets to putting industry lobbyists in charge of agencies to keeping energy policies secret.

You said public schools should teach that evolution is a theory with as much validity as the religious belief in intelligent design, or God’s active hand in creating life,” you fucking retarded, slow-talking, fast drooling imbecile.

You appointed Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Samuel Alito, who sided with pro-business interests and social conservatives in every single decision. You elevated U.S. District Court Judge Charles Pickering to an appeals court, despite his known segregationist views.

When Bill Clinton left office, 31.6 million Americans were living in poverty. When you left office, there were 39.8 million, an increase of 26.1 percent. Eleven point six million children lived below the poverty line when Clinton left office; that number grew by 21 percent to 14.1 million under your watch.

The number of Americans without health insurance was thirty-eight point four million when Clinton left office. When you left, that figure had grown by nearly eight million to forty-six point thee million,

You never visited New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina you racists, inbred bastard.

You set the record for fewest press conferences in your his first term. You took off 1,020 days in two four-year terms—more than one out of every three days. No other modern president comes close.

Not since Richard Nixon’s White House and the era of the Watergate burglary was there as many power-hungry and arrogant operators holding the levers of power. “Considered Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld.

George, you need to kill yourself. Kill yourself now, George. There’s still a chance for redemption. Write a letter to the families of every dead or crippled military soldier and beg them for their forgiveness. Then kill yourself, George, for taking money meant to rebuild America and using it to fund a war in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Kill yourself for being a bad painter.  Kill yourself for being a religious fanatic who was a drunk, a drug addict and a whoremaster, who then passed laws against all that once you became president.  Kill yourself for lying a thousand times to the American people.   Kill yourself for being s stupid foe thinking the American public is dumber than you.    If there were an Olympics for stupidity you would win the gold medal.


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