We’ll all go out and buy some really good pot and maybe some coke, or meth or heroin because it’s really cheap.

Then to get high, we’ll send the drugs to people in Yemen, The Congo, Nigeria, Liberia, The Kurdish People, and all the countries where people are suffering.  They need and deserve the drugs, not you.  You live in the safest, most clean country with the best health care, schools, and opportunities to start a business.

Those other countries desperately need some way to escape from the pain and suffering and deprivation they endure on a daily basis.  They need to forget, at least for a little while, that their lives are miserable with no possibility for better future.

What excuse do you have for getting high?  To forget what?  You couldn’t afford the new iPhone?  That your TV only gets 200 channels. That your car is now three years old?  That your neighbor has a bigger house than you?
You are greedy, selfish, and deluded.

Take the money you were going to spend on drugs and donate to:

  • The African Relief Fund
  • The Red Cross
  • ACLU
  • The Humane Society
  • Doctor without Borders
  • Feeding America
  • Cancer Research foundation

There are hundreds more.  Look on line.  Find the ones that grab your heart.  Do something constructive, something for other people. Stop whining about how difficult your life is.

I promise you, the joy and satisfaction you’ll get from helping others is the best, longest lasting high you will ever experience.

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