First of all, we are a country of immigrants.  Unless your ancestors came over on the Mayflower in 1620, you, we, all of us are immigrants.

Something you may not know.  A country’s economy can only grow in one of two ways: either greater productivity or more workers.

In the era of low interest rates, almost all American corporations have stopped investing in research and development and have, instead, been using the money to buy back their own stock, befitting investors but putting America behind other, more rational, countries who commit a greater amount of the GDP to R&D.  An example is Intel, at one point the sole source of computer chips in the world, is now one or two generations behind Taiwan.

The two biggest and fastest growing states in America are Texas and California…who just happen to have the highest percentage of immigrants.  You think that is a coincidence?

But immigrants commit all those crimes!  I see the headlines every day in the papers!  Lies, distortions, exaggerations.  Immigrants commit fewer crimes per capita than whites.  They just use immigrants as fodder for headlines.

Well, they collect all those benefits: housing, food stamps, Medicare, all without paying taxes.

Most immigrants do pay taxes but are afraid to collect benefits because they think they’ll be found to be illegal and thrown out of the country.  There is a net gain for social services (more money coming in than going out).

If America really wanted to solve the immigration problem they would take away the reason why so many from Mexico and Central America want to come here.  They are fleeing form the drug wars.  Legalize drug and most of the problem goes away.

Of course when the legalized drugs in the Scandinavian countries what happened was that crime went down by 70% (drug users commit crimes to by their drugs) and they closed 40% of their prisons.

But then you would be fighting the DEA, Border patrol and the ATF because their jibs depend on the continuing flow of drugs into America.  They will tell you that if drugs are legalized then America will be a country full of zombie drug monsters.  You think their job is to stop the flow of drugs?  And lose their jobs if they do?  No, they’re job is to insure that the drugs still flow into America, just make a big splash once in a while about a big bust to prove they’re actually doing something.  My research indicates that many in the Border Patrol are paid to let shipments go though and the DEA and ATF provide information to the cartel when the Mexican government is going to raid their pot farms or coke factories or pill processing plants.  Tough to believe?  Well, I’m sorry to interrupt your fantasy that those organizations are the good guys.


But then the private prisons would all close, all the companies who contribute millions to the reelection campaigns of senators and congressmen would dry up and those poor congressmen and Senators would have to sell their votes to new companies and men.


Now you have the facts and can speak rationally.

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