I have been looking at the great tattoos on all the guys and girls at the gym.  Very cool!  Dragons, Celtic figures, bible references, famous quotes.  Some are really creative.  So I decided to get some tattoos myself.  Sure, it’s a lot of money but hey, I’m trying to make a statement.  “Look how cool I am!”  I can’t let other people look cooler than me.  I have a reputation to uphold.

Wait.  I’m sorry.  What I meant to say is I’m going to take the money I would have spent on tattoos and bought food for families starving in Yemen, Haiti, and half of Africa.

One dollar buys enough food for a family of four to eat each day.  Do the math.  See how many people you can feed instead of getting your wonderful tattoo!

You must be living in a fantasy world, not knowing or not caring about other people in other countries suffering from starvation, malaria (400,000 children die each year because they don’t have sleeping nets (which cost $2.00). Millions dying of cholera because of a lack of medication, AIDs (treatable with a small number of medications), Ebola, Marburg, and a dozen other preventable, treatable, curable diseases.

For a large tattoo you could keep a hospital running for a month: a hospital capable of treating hundreds of people for a wide variety of illnesses.

Are you really that dense that you don’t know or don’t care about the thousands who have lost their homes and all their belonging to floods, Tsunamis and Hurricanes, fanatical rebels?

Is the only thing you watch on TV sitcoms, dancing with the stars, the voice, Americans got talent, Dr. Pimple Popper?  Don’t you want your life to have some meaning?  What do you want as your epitaph: “He (she) said fuck the poor, the deprived, the disposed, the starving masses, the forgotten.  He valued his tattoos and Rolex watch and new car more then the millions dying of disease, vendettas, and genocide.”

Wake up!  Make you something of your life.  Be a good example to others.  Be a person others would want to emulate.

Tattoo Prices:

Size                                                         Average Price

Tiny Tattoo      (Under 2 in)                 $30 – $100

Small Tattoo    (2 – 4 in)                       $50 – $250

Medium Tattoo (4 – 6 in)                      $150 – $450

Large Tattoo    (6+ in)                          $500 – $4,000


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