Less than two months ago, you said that America should not seek impeachment against Donald Trump.  That such action could tear the country apart and make polarization even worse.  Now, in the 7/1 edition you say he should step down, which of course he never would and so impeachment is the only possible course of action.  In dramatically switching your position, you made no admission or apology for your previous articles.  Was it an epiphany, realizing after every other news organization that a full 4 years of a Trump tenure would leave ours, and the world’s, environment irretrievably ruined, and the U.S. debt at 40 trillion dollars due to lowered taxes and increased government spending on infrastructure and the military?

In six separate articles, you suggested that General Flynn acted on his own, never mentioning the fact that every other news organization on the planet at least suggested, if not implied, that he acted on behalf of Donald Trump.

In the most recent edition of your magazine, you said that America closed the offices of Al Jazeera for one week in 2004.  In fact, the U.S. military targeted, attacked and bombed the al Jazeera offices in Baghdad, killing a cameraman, destroying the building.

The question begs, was that an error of fact or written in deference to the U.S. military and U.S. government, thereby giving you continued access to classified documents leaked by government operatives.

“BAGHDAD, 8 April 2003  (Reuters) – Al-Jazeera television said on Tuesday its cameraman Tarek Ayoub was killed during a U.S. air raid on Baghdad which also set the Arab network’s office ablaze.  Al Jazeera had come under fire from U.S. and British officials for showing images of slain Western soldiers and U.S. prisoners of war.  On 24 February of that year, Mohammed Jasim al-Ali had sent a letter with the coordinates of the offices to Victoria Clarke, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs.

Further, your lack of using commas where required gives dual possible meaning to many of your statements.  I can only conclude that by limiting your use of commas and other grammatical devices, you are showing the world the level of you elitism.



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