Coronovirus will permanently change the world.  It will reshape how we socialize, work, eat and shop, even how we greet on another.

Even once it’s safe to leave the house, some transformations will stick, for better or for worse.

Covid-19 will sweep away any remaining resistance to moving our lives on line.

There will be more internet-based education.  More work will be done remotely, especially with the availability of such programs as “Zoom.”

Many workers will resist going back to the suit and tie, long commutes, old style of working.

Every economic hock leaves a legacy.  People already do a large percentage of their shopping on line.  This may be the death knell of shopping centers and theaters.

What we can’t buy on line can be delivered, even groceries.

The entertainment industry will be one most profoundly changed.  The movie industry as already in flux before the virus.  Theater ticket sales were down, movie on line are now being introduced at the same time they hit the theaters.

The fight for streaming customers will intensify.  Disney, Amazon, Apple, Netflix will all be fighting for a piece of the action, lowering prices for consumers and making a trip to the theaters even less frequent.

The medical professions will change.  The demand for universal health care will increase.  Entire populations will have to comply with certain guidelines.  An excuse for more government intrusion in our lives.  Tracking may become more pervasive.  Maybe, in order to qualify for heath care, people will need to allow government tracking of our movements.  Guidelines may no longer be suggested, like washing hands, but required by law.

Looking back at the past, it seems that temporary measures have a nasty habit of outlasting emergencies, especially now that the next emergency is lurking right around the corner.

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